Thursday, September 6, 2007

No Half Measures for Me

The Big Book states, "Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point. We asked for His protection and care with complete abandon." I've never been a "half measure" type of person. That used to be a problem for me because I wanted everything done in the best way possible and was incredibly hard on myself (and others).

Now, I can see that maybe the application of my desire to do the best that I can do has it's place in my recovery. I can choose to do the footwork, the steps, and be honest with myself and with my sponsor. Or I can hold back and not fully work towards my recovery. I believe that in order to recover, I have to clean house and trust in my HP.

So for me, it's really about giving myself to this program. It's all or nothing. It means working all aspects: steps, literature, traditions, service. I have to put time and energy into getting better because going back to being the person that I used to be isn't an alternative for me. I won't be a quarter horse. I would rather start out steadily and go the distance. Like they say, "It works if you work it."


  1. Am I the only one who is going to say that your HNT pic today positively does not look like a fish science guy?! seriously.
    I'm just say'in...oh and it was a loooooovely picture :)

    I don't play HNT anymore..
    but I read the blogs still and
    this post sounds so serious and reminds me of turning points I have had to face lately..only I am still just around the corner..doh!

    You just be true to you and your life..if the program helps you do that - then work it :)


  2. I'm with I gotta go check out HNT to see what Tab is gushing about :)

  3. For me, working steadily has been key. I'm going very slowly, though. Sometimes I feel like that is a half measure. But then, I am working on not beating myself up so much anymore, so it all balances. I think.

    I really admire how you have worked the program.

  4. my favorite line out of the Big Book is "It works, it really does" its so freakin true.
    Happy HNT

  5. Partly you are right. But I remind you to enjoy life too, and remember that you are just a human with ups and downs...

  6. My problem is perfectionism and knowing the difference between an honest, open and willing attemptat recovery and what my ideal of recovery is. If that makes sense. It's all about His protection and care though, isnt' it. And yes, I also find that if I am fully immersed it works much better than just picking and choosing the parts I like the best. Thanks.


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