Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder what life must have been like as Bill Wilson before he got sober. And I wonder what it must have been like to be Lois who devotedly cared for her husband through the very worst of times when he was a hopeless drunk.

It's amazing when you think about it. Here was a man who by all rights was near alcoholic insanity, about a few days away from being committed forever, and yet he managed to get sober and eventually put together, along with another drunk, the steps to a better life without alcohol. The stories about Bill and his inability to stay sober really indicate that something forever changed in him once he understood the principles of the Oxford group, saw living proof in Ebie Thatcher, and began to help other alcoholics.

And beside him all the way was Lois who did just about everything she could to stop Bill from killing himself. It's truly an amazing story of how two people stuck together and supported each other through a lot of insanity. It's an inspiration for me because it shows the love that they had for each other through so many difficulties. I'm not sure that many people would be so devoted. And it indicates to me that the HP had a hand in his life as the circumstances came together to form the program called AA.


  1. I believe the whole formation of our beautiful program was definitly Gods work. And we all just RAN with it!! Most of us are so glad to have an outline...don't you think?

  2. You would LOVE the Film called "My name is Bill W". You can buy i on Ebay I think.
    this one in amazon..
    I LOVE this film. Have it on VCR. Its lovely watching it with sponsees or other AA's who havent seen it before.

  3. Yeh its such a gift, Our book "AA Comes of age" too gives an insight as to the (any)lengths the early members and friends and family went too for themselves and for us really and all the other 12 step fellowships worldwide.

    How the heck the Big Book got off the ground, is nothing short of a miracle. The Powerful Hand of God and One Primary Purpose together with Anylengths, has acomplished so much for so many.

    I listened to Bill W's talk, the one he did on the day Dr Bob died. and cried. its like just too much to put into words. We ARE very lucky people.

    all this for us :)

    We have to just keep giving it away now, to keep it.


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