Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend is over

It was a good weekend for sailing but not such a good one for my back. There was a strong NE wind at around 20 mph and there were spring tides. The day was crisp and clear, actually feeling like fall. Compass Rose flew through the water and performed well.

After getting anchored, I waded to shore and went for a couple of miles along the beach. It's a beautiful place to walk and with the sunset and surf rolling in, it was a perfect evening. Unfortunately, after sun down with the tide coming in, the rollers rocked the boat all night. I didn't get much sleep from the slapping halyards, howling wind, and rocking of the boat. I awoke feeling as if I had been run over by a truck. My lower back ached and it was hard to get moving around at all. After a bit, I loosened up, fixed breakfast, got the sails up and got back to the marina around 2 PM.

I'm learning that Compass Rose is quick like a cat and that if I don't have the sails trimmed just right, she'll take off. I had to spill some wind on the way back because of sailing right into the wind. It's all part of the learning process but it was hard today because of my stiff back. Somedays, I just start to feel old. It was a humbling experience. Maybe a good night's sleep and some ibuprofen will help.


  1. does sleeping in a hammock on a boat actually reduce the feeling of motion while sleeping i wonder? maybe you know the answer to this one...


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