Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brilliant day

It was such an incredible day today. The temperatures dropped overnight, the humidity was low and the sky was brilliant. These kinds of days are what I've waited for all summer. Now that fall feels like it's here, I feel the ache inside for the ending of one season and the beginning of another.

This is my favorite time of year. The light is golden and reflects off the water in a different way than it did in summer. There's something about the shorter days in which I get up in the dark and see the sun setting earlier that makes me want to tuck further inside myself. It's a mysterious season to me. It seems that both plants and animals are preparing for the winter. Yet, during these glorious months it's a time to appreciate beaches without tourists, warm sweaters, the smell of burning leaves, and sleeping with windows open.

This year I'm appreciating all that surrounds me with more intensity than before. Everything just feels better and more alive. I'm going to enjoy as much of every day as I can.


  1. We had an amazing sunset last night, the whole sky seemed pink, beautiful! Good post. the best things in life are free and sunsets are a "perfect" example of beauty NO human has yet been able to replicate! except in photo's and painting. Its only in God do we find The Real Thing!

  2. Where I live, we usually have Indian summers, it's still warm in Oct. & fall comes gradually. Not so this year.
    All of a sudden we have been getting rain, & colder weather. I prefer the gradual change. It gives me a chance to adjust. I haven't had that this year, I am reminded suddenly winter is coming round the corner. I do love the colors this time of year. Fall this year has made me a little moody. A litle more down.


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