Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hump Day

It's been a busy Wednesday. I gave a noon seminar and then had a great tour of the state's aquarium. It was fun to give a talk on something that I've studied. That's the best kind of discussion: allowing interaction with the audience through questions.

It was nice to get a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. There were cultures of jellyfish larvae and a few quarantined animals. I find the jellyfish so relaxing. I remember visiting Monterey aquarium and sitting for hours just watching the jellies pulsate. A tank of jellyfish would be a great stress reliever.

After all of that, I went down to row with a group that I haven't seen in a while. We used to get together regularly to row on the Harbor. Tonight was a good night for it, with a good breeze and clear skies. No serenity breakers today. Just a day of getting things done and enjoying all the different aspects of what I had to do. It's nice to just be and enjoy the moments of happiness that seem to be occurring more and more frequently.


  1. you should check out GA Aquarium next time your in ATL, it's AWESOME. My son and i love it (plus it's right next to the Coca-Cola Museum now)

  2. Yes, jelly fish are great to look at. However, I prefer not to swim with them. I am glad you are finding more moments of happiness. I know exactly what you are talking about.

  3. From reading your posts, your days are more serene, you're more serene. I'm glad for you. I can remember not too long ago your posts had alot of anguish in them. It's neat to 'watch' you grow.

  4. What a life! Thanks for showing me how its done.


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