Thursday, October 25, 2007

Going Home

I’m glad to be going home today. The meetings were as productive as I suppose they could be. The doom and gloom facts of global climate change are not a pretty scenario. I knew the seriousness of it but did not realize until this meeting the rapidity at which low lying coastal areas will be inundated.

I talked to my sponsor and a couple of friends today. I told them what happened the other night and they wondered why I didn’t call them. I suppose that I didn’t want to burden anyone but I also wanted to work what was happening out on my own. Today, I’m grateful that:

  • I was able to get myself to a better place thanks to the program
  • I have a sponsor and friends to talk to who are there should I need them
  • In spite of feeling powerless, I was able to get myself to a better place
  • In the midst of the beauty that surrounds me, I can see that I am lucky to be alive
  • I can use affirmations to realize that I’m not hopeless, unloved or a total mess.

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  1. one of the monks used to say books could be your 'friends'. They can be teachers. and teachers can speak to us directly through books. I don't really think of books as books. I think of them as people. Friends. especially 'illuminated' writers. They have an ability to connect with others through their words.
    So to me, books really ARE friends. You can never read too much. There is so much to learn and not enough time. Not at the expense of REAL people! but you know what I mean. All the people I admire read extensively. They never let up. They have lives as well though!


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