Sunday, October 14, 2007

summing up the weekend

It was a great weekend, better even than I thought. The boat trip to the island was fun, the food excellent, and there was the added benefit of finding a large shark tooth.

I went to two birthday parties, one for a friend's father and one for my sponsor. Both were happy occasions. There is something about seeing others enjoy a special time that makes me especially happy.

Finally, I found the following on a web site. It explains how a dog thinks about the human that has been adopted:
  • I love you unconditionally!
  • I will always be here for you.
  • I am always happy when you get home and sad when you leave.
  • I forgive you whenever you are mean to me.
  • I don't know why you are in a bad mood, but I will lick your face until it goes away.
  • Petting me will make you feel better.
  • You are the best person I have ever known and have no faults.
For some reason, those things made me really smile.


  1. Hi Syd! Thanks for such a happy blog - - - love the 'love of a dog' also. It reminded of something my grandmother told me when I was a teenager - - - 'treat a man like a dog, and he will be forever faithful and grateful.' Turned out to be wonderful advice; my marriage of 43 years was due to my using that advice on occasion! Sounds like you are really becoming aware of people, places, and situations. Even though we in Al-Anon are told about powerlessness over these things, I have learned that my Higher Power quite frequently uses people, places, and situations to bring about tremendous learning - all with an open mind, of course! Be good to yourself. Love ya, Anonymous #1

  2. Hey! Glad you had a good weekend to and thanks for your sponser's advice about guilt. I'm going to remember that when the tinge creeps in. Maybe add it to my morning prayers.

    I've been thinking about adopting a dog exactly for that desire to be loved like that. As I get closer to that empty nest I am feeling the pull. My children will not be happy as they always wanted a dog and we never lived in a place or had a schedule that we thought was fair. But this little ditty may just be the tipping point for me.

  3. Ok. I just need a dog! Cool! Problem solved. Well, not for the sex part. Just clarifying.

    Thanks for the smile.

  4. and that's exactly why i love my doggies!!!


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