Monday, October 15, 2007

Uniting on the environment

I'm hoping it will raise the conscience of many by Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that he has worked hard to bring climate change to the forefront as a reality. He has pushed for climate measures, including the Kyoto Treaty. Since leaving office in 2001 he has campaigned worldwide about climate change, has brought to the public his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and has published several books on the subject. The Norwegian Nobel Committee characterized Gore as "the single individual who has done most" to convince world governments and leaders that climate change is real, is caused by human activity, and poses a grave threat. He said he would donate his share of the $1.5 million award to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a non-profit he chairs that works to educate the public about climate change and mobilize global support for action.

I think that education is a key to environmental awareness. Unfortunately, I don't know whether we can wait for the "next" generation to solve the problems that have been created over the past 50+ years. It appears that urgency now is needed. Each of us can do our part. And the sum of the parts will hopefully make us whole again.

I used to wonder whether these are the best of times or the worst of times. I guess that it depends on your perspective. I believe that regardless, these are interesting times in which to be living.


  1. time is very important. we have to start now!

  2. Good post.
    I believe that things are no better or worse than at many periods of the Earth's and Man's history.
    Perspective is everything, but that should not give us license to be irresponsible.

  3. I would like to belive that the whole globel warming this isn't ture but, it was 70 degree on my birthday this year. I live in CT and my birthday is January 6

  4. ditto Daave.
    PS: Syd, I sure did meet me some LOVIN' Al Anons this weekend :)


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