Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Away again

I was away all day yesterday at a meeting in Virginia. Got up at 4 AM and caught a very early flight and got back home around 11:30 PM last night. It was a meeting with several other scientists.

I guess that it's been a while since I've seen scientific egos go at each other. But watching the one-up-manship at work made me glad that I have a choice of whether to join in or just sit still. I chose the latter.

I can remember how I'd get pleasure in years past of feeling full of myself and being arrogant when I knew that I was right about a study or had the data to substantiate a point. I'd hammer it home. Now I think back on what an ego driven jerk I could be. I wouldn't ever be yelling but sometimes just cold hard statements are even worse. So witnessing yesterday's tirade by one of the scientists made me realize once again that I'm thankful that I can accept a divergence of opinion and work towards a way to unify people in a discussion. This is a good example to me of how Tradition One works in the program and in my life.


  1. Your keyword of humility is what it's all about. Changing in ways that make us better people is crucial.
    Thanks for sharing this experience.

  2. i've also come to the point now where i can utter my opinion and don't feel the need to hammer it home anymore. i feel i've given my info, take it or leave it... and that's a good place to be right now.

  3. I liked your share about what brought you to Al-Anon. I am also an ACOA, and have been around addicts and alcholics all my life. I go to Al-Anon, not because there's someone around me that is drinking, but because I am trying to learn what a truly healthy relationship with myself and my Higher Power is all about.

  4. Yea, thanks for sharing your experience. Isn't it wonderful to have those moments when you can see your growth?


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