Saturday, November 10, 2007

A bit under the weather

I've finally caught a cold. I guess it's that time of year when getting shut up in airplanes and traveling about has its risks. Hopefully, I can kick this one in a couple of days. There's way too much to do and it's the weekend. I don't want to spend it feeling miserable or in bed. I'm not feeling too miserable right now but have a sore throat and a stuffed up nose. I'm not a very good patient but am planning to take it easy today. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and decide whether it's wise to spend the night on Compass Rose.

I haven't been around to checking up on everyone's blogs but will hopefully get that done tonight. I checked on the Haalf Naaked Thursdaay postings but only saw one. I've not had anything too exciting to post lately and just haven't felt a burning desire to do so. Some days I feel that I can't keep up with all that I have to do.

We're studying the traditions in my Monday night group. I'm looking forward to going over them. It seems that the traditions provide guidelines not only for the groups but for everyday living. It's one of those things that I used to not see the purpose in when I first got started. At that time, I didn't know the history of AA or how the traditions came about. Just as with the whole program, everything makes so much more sense to me today.

Today I'm grateful for:
1. Being content and happy with who I am
2. Having an immune system that will fight the cold that I've got
3. Not having stepped in a large pile of dog poop this morning when I went to get the paper
4. Having the weekend ahead
5. Those who are in my life and who have my back.
6. Not having to do anything this weekend if I don't want to.


  1. Hope you feel better. I woke up at 3;30 this am with a sore throat and runny nose. Couldn't get back to sleep so here I am..I'm going to try and ignore my symptoms and if they don't go away it will be naptime for me. Tomorrow I get to Thank the Veterans instead of working so I have an extra day to take care of myself if needed. Sending a bowl of chicken soup your way;)

  2. Drink lots of fluids and rest up. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better. I have a friend who says the traditions are good for relationships. I've been told the steps show us how, the traditions show us why. Makes sense to me.

  4. You'll be fine. I'm glad you're clean and sober (including your feet).


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