Monday, November 12, 2007

Keeping going

I am still feeling the effects of a cold but did get out on the water yesterday and today. I didn't do an overnight but worked on some improvements to the forward hatch yesterday and today went for a sail in the Harbor, anchoring up until late afternoon at a bird sanctuary near the marina.

It was a beautiful weekend for sure. Crisp mornings followed by warm afternoons were a delight. On Saturday I walked along the beach with a couple of the dogs and ran into the biscuit lady who has been MIA for several weeks. The dogs were delighted to see her and so was I. I actually had begun to be concerned about her absence and the fact that her old cell number no longer worked. It was a relief to know that she was okay and she seemed touched that I had been concerned about her.

I also witnessed a wedding at the beach. It was a small wedding with just a few people in attendance. The bride was obviously pregnant and the groom looked serious and glum. This little ceremony touched me and made me sad in a way that's hard to describe. I thought about whether this is how they had envisioned their wedding day to be. And I thought about the odds stacked against them in this marriage. I hope that their lives will be as happy as they can be and that all goes well for this family.

I didn't go to my regular Monday home group meeting tonight because of feeling tired from the day and achy from the cold bug. It's my favorite meeting. And I can tell that I am missing what I needed most on this day.

Finally, many thanks to all the Veterans who served this great country in the past and who are presently serving. Let Freedom Ring.


  1. Glad you found your friend, & she's ok. Hope you get to feeling better, & you make some meetings.

  2. hey! glad you're back. i think the worst thing about a cold/flu is that feeling of listlessness, not wanting to do ANYTHING...

  3. ps Thank you for your comments, & kindness. Guess I need to get in touch with my HP, that's what has been missing, I didn't realize.

  4. I guess we are all taking turns with this cold stuff. Good news, our turn seems to be over.
    My dog would love a biscuit lady!


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