Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another amends

It's time for me to make amends to a friend with whom I've basically not been around much over the past year.  We used to be close and do quite a few things together but since I told him about my wife being an alcoholic and our marital difficulties, he's distanced himself quite a bit. 

I talked to him today and said that I'd like to drop by to wish him a Merry Christmas and drop off a gift from my wife and me.  He said that he didn't get us anything this year because he was "cutting back" and to not feel "obligated" to bring him anything.  I explained that we didn't feel obligated but wanted to bring him something.  After inventorying my feelings, I decided that it was time to make amends and just accept whatever comes from doing that.  My amends basically are that I expected too much from the friendship and am sorry that I did so.  My expectations were that the friendship would weather the stormy period of the last year.  Now I realize that the friendship isn't the same as it once was which I'm okay with.  I'm also okay with whatever he has to say to me.  It's just time to make peace with myself.   

It feels right to be doing this.  I was wondering when the time would feel right.  It will be a relief to me. 


  1. I find it is not always easy dealing with people who do not have a program and I thank God that I do. I wish you well with this friend. It will work out exactly how it is suppose to work out. I truly believe that. I find myself looking at life this way and it is amazing how much more peaceful I feel.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year, my friend.

  2. it's always amazing to me how something yesterday was totally inappropriate, and today it's the right thing. good for you and good luck!


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