Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Catching up

Last night's meeting was a good one on Step 12. We talked about the various parts of this step such as having a spiritual awakening, giving back in order to keep what we have received, and practicing the steps in all aspects of our lives.

Tonight I go to another meeting but first I'll make a stop at my boat to take a nap. I'm really tired today, probably because of the weekend at the roundup and not having caught up on sleep. I like to stop by the boat on Tuesdays and crawl in the bunk to just relax. The marina is on the way to my meeting at 8 PM and sometimes I just get a nap before that meeting. I think that I'll do that tonight. I'm hoping that the sunset is as spectacular tonight as the one that I saw last evening. God was definitely showing off.

Today I'm grateful for:
1. Having had a spiritual awakening when I thought that my spirit had been broken

2. A cool crisp day that seems seasonal

3. Getting a lot of cards from friends at one of the groups I attend

4. A chance to catch up on some sleep for at least an hour before my meeting tonight.

5. Talking to my HP this morning on my knees and feeling calmed by that.


  1. I think afternoon naps are one of the finest gifts I can give myself.

  2. "God was definitely showing off." now that made me smile

  3. did you have a birthday that you got a lot of cards? Could it be a year since you started? I know it wasn't a belly button one...


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