Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas shopping

I have managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done.  I have found that ordering presents on line has really helped.  I don't feel rushed or in a panic about any of this.  Wrapping hasn't occurred yet but I'll get that done over a couple of evenings this week.  

To be honest, I seem to look forward to the celebration of Christmas rather than all the trappings of it.  I think that so much of it is overdone and the commercialization is definitely not what it's about for me.  I think that if Christmas could be more like the feeling that I have about Thanksgiving, it would be ideal.  I can't help but think about the real meaning of Christmas and it doesn't have anything to do with all the things that you see in stores or all the airblown Santas in yards.  

Nonetheless, I've done my part for the economy this year.  And I'm actually beginning to feel more in the holiday spirit.  The Christmas Symphony is on Saturday and I think that will definitely be a nice event and always festive.  And I'm going to put a few lights up on Compass Rose so she looks a bit jaunty for the holiday.  

Last night we decided to have the Christmas night Al-Anon meeting as scheduled.  There were 30 plus people there.  It was a good meeting with lots of new faces.  I'm glad that we will be meeting as it seems that most people aren't looking forward to the holidays.  I guess that I'm feeling as I usually do: glad for some time off, thinking about the real meaning of the day, and not worrying about much of anything.  And trying to recapture that childlike wonder from years past.  


  1. you go and recapture the childlike wonder of years past! it's time.

    me? still haven't done ANY present shopping, that's for next tuesday and wednesday.... arghhhhh!!!!! sadly on-line doesn't work here so well...

  2. Holidays are especially difficult for those of us with a loved one in active addiction. Always having that feeling of "something could happen" does not go well with the holiday spirit. However, I have learned over the last year that no matter what, I was going to try and capture the true spirit of the holiday even if the entire world falls apart around me. And one way I am going to do it is by speaking at a meeting on the 20th with the topic, "The God of my understanding".

  3. Xmas is kinda hard for me, cuz my family isn't here. Usually I do get the Xmas spirit, but for some reason I haven't much this year. This is the first year I haven't put out Xmas decorations, or mailed cards. I did get most of my shopping done, I usually love Xmas shopping, not so this year. I did get to spend Thanksgiving at my sister's & that was really nice. My dad, mom, & younger brother are all dead, so my sister is all I have. I miss everyone. I'm so glad I have her, I should think more about that, rather than my losses, I guess. Wish I could be with her at Xmas, but at least I got to spend Thanksgiving with her.

  4. yeah Christmas can be a tough one to be alone, I've been there. Other holidays too. I hate it when a meeting doesn't take place because of a holiday--if I am in town I always offer to keep the door open at our meetings on holidays. I remember what a saving grace it was one particular Easter, I'll never forget...


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