Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cold and frosty morning

There was frost all over this morning. The fields were covered in icy crystals. I got up early to walk the dogs. They seemed to love the cold. I don't mind it either as long as I have on a coat. The drive into work was nice with the rising sun reflecting off the ice. It's days like this that make me happy. It finally is beginning to feel like Christmas.

Work is starting to wind down towards the holidays and a lot of people are already taking off. I like it here when it's quiet and not so busy. It gives me time to do my work without interruptions. I know that things will be different after the first of the year when my main technician takes another job. Yet I'm okay with all of that. I've gotten by in the past and the work will go on. Hiring people isn't the most fun but I'm sure that I'll find a good replacement.

I'm going down to Compass Rose tonight before my 8 PM meeting. I've got cookies for the meeting. Just a surprise for a bunch of hungry Al-Anoners. Tis the season......


  1. ooh yay cookies... mmmm mmm what kind are they???
    Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... I like how it feels too. I dont know how to describe it, just that it feels good and I like it : )

  2. love the picture, frosty leaves... happy wednesday

  3. it's so hard to imagine frost, snow and cold sitting here with 32 degrees celsius... but somehow that's how i have always imagined christmas to be. one day i too shall have a winte christmas...

  4. That leaf is beautiful! I've never seen ice crystals on a leaf before!
    You can NEVER go wrong taking cookies ANYWHERE!

  5. That is such a gorgeous photograph, Syd. Really special.

  6. and Alanoners are just the best cookie bakers!

    what a gorgeous pic. We had our frost this morning. Covered literally everything with thick frost. Lovely!


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