Sunday, December 23, 2007

Doing okay

Nothing new about the robbery.  Just been going over stuff in my head but decided that I am powerless over it all.  It's out of my hands.  Thanks to all for your comments.  I had already decided that revisiting and speculating were examples of insanity.  So in light of that I went out on the sailboat for the weekend.  

Being on the water and in the boat is a special place for meditation and relaxing.  All the cares and things that make for stress are magically on hold.  It's a great mood enhancer.  

I'm still looking forward to Christmas and feel happy.  And I made my amends to the fellow on Saturday.  It was a lukewarm response but not entirely unexpected.  It's okay because I felt a big burden lifted from me.  I've made my amends and can move on now.  I'm thankful for the program that has taught me so many things, not the least of which is:
  • that I can be happy no matter how crazy things are around me
  • that I make amends for myself, regardless of what the other person thinks or says
  • that no one said life was going to be smooth sailing but I've got a good chart to get me to safe harbor anytime I need one
  • that being loved and expressing love are flip sides of a great gift from the HP
  • that I only need to mind my business not that of another 


  1. You are a good example of the program in action, good for you!

    That sailboat of yours sounds very inviting, just the place to be to get some serenity.

    I hope you & yours have a very merry Xmas!

  2. love that list...

    and merry christmas to you and all those close to you!

  3. wow you sound GREAT.

    hey Merry Christmas and all that!
    Go easy on the mince pies or you will regret it later!
    (says she, having not been to the gym much at all lately!!!) ah well..


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