Sunday, December 9, 2007

Livin' on Tybee Time

This weekend was a lot of fun. We left Friday for Tybee Island. We stayed at the Outdoor Inn which is a B & B overlooking the marsh and located next to Sea Kayak Georgia. It's a great place to stay and like last year, there was no one else staying there.

Tybee is an offbeat beach community. It's laid back and has a down home feeling. I especially like the lighthouse. It has a glorious view and there is generally an open house and candlelight tour in which the lighthouse is open at no charge to the public. And then there is the Tybee Christmas parade on Saturday which reminds me of the small town parades that I witnessed as a child. Nothing sophisticated or fancy in this parade but it was really touching to see so many happy people, especially children.

So we took in the parade, the lighthouse, read and walked on the beach and also toured Ft. Pulaski. It was beautiful weather and a happy time. Not once did I feel anything but peace and happiness. And I didn't miss work or my computer. Sometimes it's nice to not have a schedule and experience just being.

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