Thursday, December 27, 2007

Staying in the Day

Today was warm and sunny bright.  I went down to the boat, installed a barometer, thermometer, and hydrometer on board.  And took a nice cozy nap in the early afternoon.  I have felt lazy and relaxed today.  I know that I can't get too used to waking up at 8 AM and taking naps in the afternoon because next week it will be back to work again.  

But just for today I'm enjoying my free time.  I'm postponing the inevitable of having to get back into the grind of reports and budgets.  Best to think about that on the day that I hit the door and drive into work.  

Before Al-Anon I would be worrying about everything.  Waking up at 3 AM to jot notes to myself.  I'm glad that I worry less, have more fun, and let things go that used to obsess me.  Today I'm thankful for:
  • Another day to have a chance to be walking around, relatively carefree
  • Being able to say that I don't hate or have a major dislike for anyone
  • Trusting that there is a plan for this world in spite of assassinations, terrorism and other craziness
  • Having a job to go back to when my vacation is over
  • Taking naps that are so pleasant that they almost taste good.
Hoping that you are enjoying your day and staying in it with gratitude. 


  1. that's just beautifully said: taking naps that are so pleasant that they almost taste good.

    enjoy your day too!!!

  2. I'm all about the nap idea :)

  3. You sound great, Syd. I love how the program works for you. It gives me faith.

    Hope your holiday break continues to bring you pleasure.

  4. I love naps and I am looking forward to 4 days of them. Never used to nap while drinking.

  5. I love naps. I'm glad you're enjoying your time off, & able to stay in the day. The program does work for you, & it also gives me inspiration, & faith. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I only wish I could be on a boat.

  7. I only wish I could be on a boat.

  8. It all sounds so good... the boat, the nap, and staying in the day.


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