Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday

So glad that it's Friday, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I was going to a meeting but decided to go look for a guitar to purchase. I like music and especially like blues. I don't know whether I have an ear for music but decided that I would give a try to learning to play the guitar. I found some nice ones at the shop I visited tonight and will look at others tomorrow after the GR meeting in the morning.

Thanks to all who wrote about my wife. She is doing well and has gotten over the anesthesia and sore throat from the endoscopy procedure. No results are back yet on the biopsy. She is cheerful and positive which is quite a different reaction from her days before AA. It's remarkable how both of us are better able to deal with what comes along as the result of our programs.

Hoping that each of you has a good weekend.


  1. I started playing guitar last year, it's been fun--a great diversion. There are great little videos on YouTube and a lot of "learn to play guitar" resources online. Good luck!

  2. Hey another guitarist student!! yay!!!

    I find this site a God send. Its even got a self scroll button on the RHS, so you set it going and it scrolls down while you are playing. Also playing and having you tube of the same running at the same time really helps get the rhythm.

    I find that learning in a class, beginners and moving on up the stages with them really helps with motivation. All get the sore fingers and achy wrists and want to throw it out the window at times, sharing experience and having fun at the same time. Fellowship.

    As with learning anything new PRACTICE 3-4 times a week, do the home work set and just put it down if its not happening somedays.

    Have fun!! x


    Vinegar, whats your (your wifes) experience?


  3. Happy New Year Syd! Loved the pictures for the new year. Finally taking the time to catch up. I am just getting to the place where sometimes, just sometimes, its okay to skip a meeting for another purpose. It's fun to find new things to express ourselves with.

    I can definately identify with your wife and the change in attitude as a result of AA. I will put her in my prayers for a good outcome, but then it is out of our control isn't it?

  4. well, well, well, a guitar. nice! i wish i had musical talent... you enjoy it!!!!

  5. I must have missed any posts about your wife. I'm glad she's staying positive. Amazing what the program does for our attitudes, isn't it?

    I like blues too. Maybe someday I will pick up the guitar, or piano, I would love to play. Good luck to you!

  6. is this a birthday present to yourself?

    I love the BLUES!!!

    Glad the wife is ok, hope the wait for the biopsy isn't too long and the outcome a good one


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