Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going rowing

Although I'm tired and been a bit groggy all day, I'm going rowing tonight. The weather here is just too beautiful to stay inside.

My wife had an endoscopy yesterday because of acid reflux. Her esophagus was inflamed and a biopsy done. We are hoping that all will be okay. Both of us are optimistic but will feel better once the pathology report comes back.

It's interesting how close I felt to her when she was in the recovery room. I just held her hand and hugged her. Seeing her be vulnerable made me a bit sad.

Hope that each of you is staying in Wednesday and it's a good one.


  1. Best wishes for you and your wife Syd.

  2. Rowing really works the mussels

  3. ouch!!! speedy recovery to your wife!!!!

    i'm tired today. i think i slept too much last night. fell asleep just after 7 infront of the tv...

    oh and a braai is the sa word for a bbq.

  4. I am sure everything will be fine with your wife. I have had this procedure a couple of times because of my history with ulcers. It is generally done to see if the person has H- pylori which can be treated with meds. Let us know how she makes out. Have a great day, Syd.

  5. bless you for being able to be there for her with compassion and closeness

  6. it's odd what "moves" us sometimes in a relationship. those little moments are meant to tell us something I think.

  7. best wishes for a good recovery :)


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