Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm back at work today. It's a day to catch up on emails and things at work. In short, it's back to reality. The geographic cure is really good and is something that is treasured for a long time. It's a bit sad though to get back after such a great time. I guess that I treasure the times spent seeing special things and being with special people. It's something that's hard to describe but definitely memories that will live for a while.

My SO has made a decision to retire at the beginning of June. It's something that she has thought about for a while and finally made a decision to do. I'm glad for her and think that she will enjoy having less stress and more time to do what she enjoys while still young enough to do so. I'm going to keep going for a few more years. But after this vacation, I can see that it will be nice when every day is a Saturday.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • Having spent time in a unique place that few have visited
  • Being alive and healthy and reasonably happy
  • Having a great program in Al-Anon that has helped me to understand myself
  • Not being stressed out or sleep deprived but relaxed and rested
  • Making decisions based on what I want to do and not what others want of me


  1. You are in a good place!! It's so wonderful to have times where life is just "good". Squeeze every drop of it out and enjoy.

  2. yeah, i still gotta meet the person who likes going back to work, heee heee heee.

    mind you, after the holiday i WAS ready to go back.... strange....

  3. Have a very fun, peaceful and relaxing weekend.

  4. Good stuff.
    I find retirement to be very challenging -- inasmuch as having so much to do I have to decide priorities!


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