Saturday, February 23, 2008

Human being not Human Doing

I want to share with you a comment that Irish Friend of Bill wrote:

"Human BEING not a human DOING.
The outward evidence can be misleading. don't look to the 'world' for validation as it is temporary therefore will disappoint eventually. But if the world is secondary you can 'do stuff' without losing perspective of its true significance. Inner work is very important, and may NEVER 'reveal itself' to you. It is only the ego that wants its identity reinforced. Better to ignore all its requests for validation.
Don't worry. Its the quality of your inner condition or presence that matters. A life spent 'doing' that leaves you unsatisfied is no good. The big book says be happy joyous and free first, and have a life whose purpose is helpfulness. I think that's a good enough map for me. Regardless of what results I get to see. Results are nice it has to be said, but I shouldn't rely on them. A lot of it is faith really. "

I have spent most of my life doing. Some of it has been satisfying and some has seemed false. I like the idea of just being. Being real and not putting on a false face to the world. Being grateful for the simple things. And being accepting of what others have to say, even though I may not always agree.

I like the idea of helpfulness too. But I also have taken that to the extreme. Helpfulness can slip over into control easily. So today I know that I can be helpful and kind without expectations of getting strokes or trying to change the other person. It's tricky work and requires me to do constant monitoring of myself. Now I'm going to head off to go monitor some sails and get underway on Compass Rose.

Have a Saturday feeling kind of day.


  1. Good reminder, thanks, happy weekend to you tooo

  2. Thanks for the reminder to accept what others have to say even if I do not like it. I will try to do that.


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