Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shadow asked....

Shadow asked whether Al-Anon cautions against alcoholism and becoming an alcoholic as part of its program of recovery. My answer would be that the focus in Al-Anon is on recovering from the effects of someone else's alcoholism whether it is in a friend or family member. The focus is on sharing our experiences of dealing with alcoholism in our lives, how we got better and what steps we are taking to achieve serenity.

There are many recovering alcoholics who come into Al-Anon and find their serenity in its program. Likewise I am sure that there are Al-Anons who make it to the rooms of AA. But both programs practice the 12 steps and Al-Anon's twelve steps are based on those from AA. It is hard for me to imagine that anyone who has worked the steps in Al-Anon and achieved some manner of recovery would want to jump into the fire by becoming an alcoholic. But strange things happen and "never" is a God word.


  1. Well said. Can't add a thing.

  2. HI Syd! -Great blog! I remember early in my recovery, after a long time of struggling with Step 1 and not being able to surrender, telling my sponsor - - that I bet if I were an alcoholic this would be easier! Duhhh! Glad to have my personal bag of burdens; bless 'em - - - they have enough to deal with - with that damnable disease!

    Anonymous #1

  3. I have been to a few AlAnon meetings and really enjoyed them and learned from them. I am not currently attending them, however.
    My theroy is that all alkies should be in AlAnon, simply because we all deal with other alkies. We deal with them in AA meetings and the fellowship as well as in daily living.
    We also deal with the most important alkie every day - ourselves.

  4. thank you for taking the time to answer my question. i understand what you're saying.

  5. Ah-ha...Never IS a God word, I like that.

  6. I was one Alanon wanting to be in AA. Did 85 in 90 days in AA meetings before I surrendered to staying where I belong in Alanon.

    There are many AA's I find with Alanon issues. I sponsor 2 who have dual programs but AA is always the primary program.

    But many people make the mistake believeing Alanon is not as much life and death as other addictions, eh? We know many people die from untreated Alanonism as well.

    thanks for being here Syd

  7. This alcoholic didn't think he was one until I did an alanon 4th step. I joined alanon at the suggestion of a councillor who was helping me with my addicted child.

    I did my 4th and 5th step after being a member for about 6 months. The chaplin I did the 5th with suggested that perhaps I was in the wrong program.

    Back to my councillor I went, confirmation was found, and I switched my 12 step program to AA.

    I still need both programs but rarely attend alanon meetings. I still read "Courage to Change" each morning.

    The issues I deal with would be the same in either program. My fear, my need to control, my inability to trust anyone but myself. Working the steps help a lot.

    Thanks for letting me share.


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