Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Step Two and the miracle

Sometimes I go to meetings and hear the despair from newcomers, who are afraid that things will never change , that the alcoholic in their lives will not stop drinking . Fear is running their lives just as it did mine in the beginning. And I am reminded of how it used to be for me but thanks to Al-Anon I no longer fear change and know that regardless of what they do I will be okay.

What I have today that I had little of before is hope. And that has come through a lot of patience. Slowly I came to realize that there is nothing I can do about any one else but so much I can do for myself. My life has changed for the better and all I had to do was stick around and do what this program suggests. Although it is a simple program based on humility, faith, hope and love, it isn't an easy one. It means daily vigilance and moment to moment monitoring of what I am feeling and thinking. It is hard work but I have discovered that I am worth it.

So here is what I am hopeful about:

That I can recover from the problems of the past and it will lose the power to run my future.

That I can recover from the affects of alcoholism and become who my HP needs me to be.

That by example others in my life will follow me into recovery.

This program has done for me things that no therapist could ever do. And only my HP knows what is left for me to do. There is a lot to hope for if we just stick around and wait for the miracle.


  1. oh, i think you are well on your way to recovery! you have such good thoughts and good common sense. that's why i like reading your blog!

  2. Having hope is what it is all about. What a journey you have been on.

  3. happy you keep showing up and doing the deal

  4. I'm so grateful that it truly is a simple program.

  5. now that i have a minute i still wanted to ask you something about al-anon....

    i also used to worry that the person in my life (my dad) would not stop drinking. but lo and behold i ended up drinking myself. is there something in al-anon that warns/teaches about that possibility? and what to do to prevent it?


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