Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy birthday

Dear C.
Today is your birthday. It's a beautiful spring day for a beautiful person. It seems appropriate that you were born so near the vernal equinox.

I'm glad that you were delighted with your presents this morning. It's nice to see you smiling and happy. I feel that we both are much happier today than we were a year ago. There are changes that have taken root within us. It's as if you have become brighter. You are unfolding and flowering in your own way.

On this particular day, with the bright sunshine and the flowers in bloom, I sense that you are younger than you were last year. Maybe it's because we are more aware than ever of the importance of every day, or maybe we're more aware of each other.

Thanks for being here and for your gift of love to me.
Much love on this day and every day,


  1. Ahhhh Syd - - - This is such a beautiful love letter to a spouse! It brought tears for me, since I lost my beloved a few years ago. Very poignant, very sweet!

    Much love to you and to your spouse on that special day!
    Anonymous #1

  2. happy birthday to C from me...


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