Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday at last

I'm up early this morning. It felt good to have the work week be over. Some weeks everything just feels draining. Maybe it's because I've felt a bit under the weather with a cold that's settled in my chest. My SO has been sick most of the week and now I've got the start of what she has.

I've been looking over plans for the dinghy and will go get the plywood this morning. I've never built a boat before so this will be a great learning experience. It's only 7 feet long but will require about 30 hours of work in order to complete it.

I've been reading a book called Adrift which is about a fellow whose 21 foot boat cracked up after being hit by a whale and who is adrift in a life raft. It makes me really reconsider my idea of making a crossing to Bermuda or the Caribbean some day. I've actually thought about the goal of a trans Atlantic crossing. It's a lofty goal and dangerous. Maybe time for a reality check.

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. reality sucks sometimes

    keep dreaming tho...

  2. Take care, learn from what I didnt do! and take more rest!! Get well soon lovely :)

  3. Take care and do some healing this weekend.

  4. well, well, well, that's quite a big project by the sounds of it. good luck with that and your cold...


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