Friday, March 28, 2008

Stuff about Me

Judith of Vicarious Rising tagged me to fill out this list. I had to try to remember what I was doing those years ago. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering much about last week! Now I keep a journal so if this question comes up again, I'll be ready.

As far as the books and movies go, I have a lot of ones that I like. I tend to read everything by certain authors.

I don't watch much TV--mostly news and weather. Anyway, here's what I put together.

What I was doing:

10 years ago -- I was working at the same place and had just returned from a scientific meeting in Florida. I was in the midst of putting together a big proposal to work with oceanographers in the area. Both my wife and I were working too much. And we were getting on each other's nerves. My mother was still alive, and my wife and I were responsible for making sure that she got to her doctor's appointments. I was frequently irritable about having to be responsible for her. I took on way too much. Felt the pressure of work, home, life.

5 years ago--Still working at the same place but am now department head. Working on proposals and projects to keep people employed. Beginning to feel run down, tired and generally dissatisfied with work and home life. My mother was in a nursing home. She was starting to get frail but was happy. Exercising like a fiend. Trying to stave off the demons and look for a purpose to keep going.

1 year ago--Still working at the same place. I was involved with preparation for a research cruise. Marriage not going well. Not sure that I'm going to stay in the marriage. In Al-Anon and working the steps. Starting to see that there is hope. Maybe I can be happy with who I am.

Yesterday--Worked all day, went to a noon Al-Anon meeting. Dropped off car at auto dealership but it got crunched (see yesterday's post). Read in the evening. Feeling tired but peaceful. Lots to be thankful for.

5 snacks I enjoy
1) Boiled peanuts
2) Popcorn--any kind
3) Terayaki beef jerky
4) Tangerines
5) Wasabi peas

5 books I like (there are many that I could list here--so I'm going with Fiction and then non-fiction)
1) Cannery Row
2) Lonesome Dove
3) All the King's Men
4) Moby Dick
5) Chesapeake

1) Einstein
2) A New Earth
3) And The Band Played On
4) Beautiful Swimmers
5)Log from the Sea of Cortez

What I would do with 100 million dollars
1) Buy a 43 foot sail boat.
2) Pay off the mortgage on the house
3) Add to investment portfolio and include more real estate
4) Make larger contributions to organizations and charities that I contribute to currently
5) Set up an ecotour business

5 places I'd love to visit (not run away to)
1) Egypt
2) Rome, Italy
3) The Amazon
4) Ethiopia and a few other stops in Africa
5) The Galapagos Islands

5 bad habits and pet peeves I have

Pet Peeves
1) poor grammar
2) stubbornness
3) arrogance
4) bad manners
5) smoking

Bad Habits
1) staying up late
2) leaving dishes in the sink
3) using my cell phone in the car
4) pulling on hangnails
5) snoring

5 things I like doing
1) Reading
2) sailing
3) listening to music
4) rowing
5) photography and art collecting

5 things I would never wear
1) Pink anything
2) 100 % wool
3) heavy cologne
4) clothing with logos
5) Hawaiian shirts

5 TV shows I like
1) 60 minutes
2) CBS Sunday morning
3) Hardball on MSNBC
4) Oddball with Keith Oberman
5) Any local news

5 movies I like (there are a lot that I like)
1) Out of Africa
2) The Shawshank Redemption
3) Lawrence of Arabia
4) No Country for Old Men
5) The Piano

5 famous people I'd like to meet
1) Albert Einstein
2) Mother Theresa
3) Abraham Lincoln
4) Martin Luther King
5) Bob Dylan

I'll tag the following five bloggers to do this if you'd like:
1)Johno of Hand in Hand
2)Dave of Higher Powered
3)Mary Christine of Anonymous Alcoholic
4)Joe of Al-Anon Diary
5)Irish of Recovery Archive


  1. Thanks for the tag Syd. I will do it over the weekend.

    And I enjoyed reading your list. AND, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lonesome Dove.

  2. Syd: I really enjoyed reading your list. IT's quite amazing how much doing something like that let's other people into your life. Although I hate this phrase (as well as bad grammar), thanks for sharing.

  3. I'd like to meet those people too. Let's have a dinner party...

  4. Hey Syd - not sure if I am doing this right, but here it goes:

    Books - or Fav Authors
    1. Any James Lee Burke book
    2. Any Nelson Demille book
    3. Any Brian Tracy book
    4. Any Leadership Book (I am a leaderhip junkie)
    5. Any book by Robert Anthony (not to be mixed up with Anthony Robbins. I carry his Beyond Positive Thinking around as a kind of human operating manual)

    I love to work.
    I can be very passionate -about almost anything
    I like to run/jog
    I like to eat
    I love the beach. (especially the SC coast)

    I do not like arrogant people. Some think I am arrogant, when I really just aloof and it is a protective mechanism in truth.

    I do not like selfish people
    I do not like people who don't hold the mirror up to themselves first to see how they may be part of the problem.

    I like to think about how people think.

    I like to be wrong (not really like it though - but I like it because it teaches me)

    I like the movies:
    1. Bridge Over the River Kwai
    2. Gladiator
    3. Lawerence of Arabia

    I love my daughter. And frankly my family (which isn't going so well right now). Some may be surprised to read that one!

    I am blessed and lucky. I am very very grateful for that- and the life I have led and can lead

    I am very grateful to Al-Anon and Have to go right now to another meeting!!!

  5. That was a terrific read. The Piano is on my top list of movies as well. It just thundered through me.

    I would love to go on one of your ecotours, but don't you kind of have to wear a hawaiian shirt as the tour guide?

    Your evolution from ten years ago is great. This may be my favorite meme. Thank you for filling it out.

    BTW, I don't think snoring is a bad habit if you can't help it. Tough on yourself much?

  6. Hi Syd,
    Very nice get-to-know-you inventory! I agree with Vicariousrising regarding the snoring: I once complained about my husband's very loud snoring, until he reminded me that one day the snoring would not be there and I would miss it. It has stopped, and I do miss it, as well as I miss him.
    Anonymous #1

  7. Hey Syd, Joe here. I may have blown the "tag" thing. Let me know. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Oh that was very fun to read...thanks for taking the time.

  9. What a list... coming to SF soon, maybe we could catch a meeting or dinner..

  10. i was looking forward to learning more about you. when in africa, do pop in!


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