Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm taking the new dinghy out on the water today, probably towing it behind the sailboat. I decided to buy one instead of make one. The one I bought is an 8 foot Walker Bay and it's stable enough. It also is manageable in terms of weight at 71 pounds.

I was fired up about making a dinghy before I got my cold. It seems that after that I lost the urge to spend time putting it together. The weekends seem too precious to spend them inside sawing and nailing. I guess it gets back to those priorities that I have. And in this case, I opted for the easy out and more free time.

So this weekend I'm officially christening the dinghy. It's supposed to be breezy and still a bit brisk for temperatures. It looks to be a glorious weekend. Hope that you have a couple of days of serenity and peace.

I'm grateful today:

1) for the miracles in this life.
2) that I chose to not try to do everything but just a few things well
3) that I have people in my life who care whether I exist
4) for having an optimistic outlook in spite of pessimistic surroundings
5) that I don't have any reason to wonder about what's going to happen tomorrow.

There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.-- Albert Einstein


  1. aaah, the boat, at last. enjoy it!!!

  2. So when are you going to invite us out on a little boat ride?

  3. I have been accused of being dingy!

  4. Your adventures on the water make me long for a coastal existence - rather than my land-locked one.

  5. I love #5 on your list! AND does the dingy have a name also? or is that just for boats?

  6. no reason to wonder about tomorrow.....thats an awesome way to stay in today

  7. Enjoy yorself syd on your new dinghy, I like that saying from old Einstein, so true as well

  8. OH Syd, I am such a believer in miracles--especially since I believe I am one. And happy, happy times on the water.


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