Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mother

Today is my mother's birthday. She died peacefully at age 96 in 2005. Last year I posted a lot about her on this blog. I'm not going to repeat that here.

I know that the journey we had together was a good one. Our relationship was based on respect and unconditional love. Even though my mother isn't with me today, I remember her smile, her laugh, her wisdom, her intellect and her love.


  1. How lovely. You never cease to impress me with your gentleness.

  2. Hapy birthday Syd's Mom.
    I glad it's still a special day for you, syd.

  3. Dear Sweet Syd - - -

    Posts such as this bring sweet tears of love and smiles all at one time! Thanks for the moment of shared remembrance.
    Anonymous #1

  4. what a lovely post, Syd. And thanks for your message on my blog. Gardens are important, don't you think? One of my favorite days is Charlie and I working hard outside. We don't have to talk to have it feel close.

  5. What a beautiful slideshow, Syd. You are giving me chills all over today. I wanted to say thanks so much for all the comments and support you give.

    About a year ago, I started making online photo albums of my family. I went through the tons of pictures my dad had of the entire family. I made up a separate album of my uncle who was decorated in WWII. A separate album of my father who fought in the Korean war, has made some records and also been a DJ. My mother also. It was very moving to work on these albums. To be honest, I had in the back of my mind, gee, is something going to happen to one of these people? I kept wondering if we were going to lose somebody. Well sure enough my uncle developed cancer for the third time and passed away about 6 months ago. I am so glad I have those pictures now. My family gets alot of enjoyment out of them.

    Looks like you have some great pics of your mom....and memories that will live forever.

  6. I take my mum for granted, shes always there you know but I would certainly miss her very much.
    Oh my brother, he takes his meds for schitzophrenia but they seem to make him even more withdrawn from this world.
    I really have tried with him, honest but he does absolutely nothing day in day out, I have never known anyone else that bad


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