Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Things First

Last night at the step study meeting, my sponsor shared that things were a bit overwhelming at the moment. He has something coming up that is making him a bit anxious. His comments reminded me of the slogan First Things First.

That means to me:
I can take one thing at a time. And not overload myself with multitasking.
I can complete one task at a time and do that task with a sense of accomplishment and peace.
I can take one step at a time, one problem at a time and one day at a time.
I only have to do something for this day and not think about doing a task for a lifetime.
I can relax and be calm. Things get done when I choose to get them done. I don't have to be urgent. I can calmly decide to take one thing at a time.

"Unlike animals, we complicate what is very simple. The pain we face is never fair, so we need not waste time trying to understand the justice or injustice of it. Our problems may seem large or overwhelming from today's perspective. By tomorrow or next month most of them will be resolved in some way, and we may not even remember them. Our spiritual path teaches us to do first things first each day and not fret about the outcome. We turn outcomes over to the will of God." from Touchstones


  1. Would you call me every morning about 6am and remind me of all that stuff. I have a very active forgetter.

  2. I need to read this every day. Funny our moderator brought this up to someone in the group today. His alcoholic wife is now neglecting their toddler. Tough situation. But aren't they all. There are always fires that need to be put out here. I need to remember First Things First.

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I will be ordering my next book soon.

  3. wow, just what i needed to hear right now, thanx!!!!

  4. Hey Im glad you said all that syd, lets just do now forget the meeting on friday, cutting the lawn, painting the ceiling, bowling on saturday, big walk on sunday... forget it, bike to book in for MOT lets do that first, just one task at a time.
    Yes JMD's reaction is quite typical, I think he wants to go AA every monday so im gonna start going Friday for that all important 2nd weekly meeting

  5. What a terrific primer for the day. Thank you.

  6. thank you for reminding me... this too shall pass :)


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