Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday early

It's a beautiful day here. I won't be on the boat because it is in the boat yard now. But I may be able to get a good long 5 mile row in. It looks like the weather will cooperate for that.

I am appreciative of comments about my cousin and his wife. They live in Virginia which is far away from me. Fortunately she has a sister who lives close by her. And they both have friends who come over to help. Hospice was there for a while as well as occupational therapy. She does go out occasionally but thinks that he doesn't do well unless she is there. I will keep making suggestions to her about support groups, ant-depressants for her and him, and detaching with love. I hope that she listens.

Life feels good at the moment. I have nothing pressing on my mind. So here's what I'm grateful for today:
  • Friends and fellow bloggers who share their experience, strength and hope
  • That life has cut me a break many times and now I know that wasn't just coincidence
  • That my SO spent a week away at a meeting and didn't have any desire to drink
  • That I have enough sense (finally) to be grateful for those things that I took for granted for so long.
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.


  1. I believe that there are no coincidences....the key is to embrace all the good the bad and the ugly. No one grows from joy, but man, what suffering can do to expand your conciousness. If I am accepting of where I am now, then I have to accept every moment up till now. I have to remind myself of that when I get sucked down into that vortex of despair that engulfs me from time to time.

  2. Making a list of things you are grateful for is a great idea. I don't do it but I need to start. My sister did a post like that and I thought the same thing...this something I need to do. I dwell too much on the negative.

    There's nothing better than a peaceful Sunday.

  3. enjoy the good life you have right now. you deserve it!


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