Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm not trying to figure it out

There are lots of good books for those interested in Al-Anon. I have three daily readers that I go through in the evening. For some reason, I prefer to end my day with the readings. It's the quietest time of the day for me and the time that I have to myself. The readings seem to help me get to sleep peacefully.

I have most of the Al-Anon books: Pathways to Recovery, How Al-Anon Works, and Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses. But I don't think that I would have gotten much from this program by just reading the books. I've had to learn the program by doing it and following what others taught me.

I am glad that I was willing to listen and to learn. I am grateful for being able to take the program one step at a time. I was eager to not just read about the program but to work it. And gradually by doing what I was told to do--get a sponsor, work the steps, take my inventory and make amends, pray to do His will, and carry the message to others--I am finding that I can live the program and apply it to my every day life. That's a really comforting thing.


  1. I agree it is not just about reading but working it. Only then can we find real peace.

  2. I have lots of "self help" books. Lots of books on spirituality. But like Syd, I stick to a few tried and true Alanon books. It is funny because when I think back on everything I have read over the years, trying to "figure myself out", so I could find peace, I always felt overwhelmed at everything I thought I "had to do" in order to get better. Knowing that I can find everything I need in my steps,is a comforting feeling. If I am feeling frustrated or depressed or sorry for myself, I know that I can pick up my daily reader, or a few of my other conference approved books and the answers will be there, simply put, and seemingly manageble. I know that I tend to always make things more complicated than they need to be, even recovery, especially recovery. If I work this program, read, listen, everything is there that I need to be at peace. So when I listen to a freind talk about some great book that she read, and how she is going to turn over a new leaf, I listen, but know that I have found what I need and it is not on the best seller list, or being reviewed in some magazine. I do know that millions of folks like me and you are finding our way out of very messy and unhappy lives with a few simple books. How cool is that?

  3. I read How Alanon Works from cover to cover when I first got it. Recently I've been going back and reading random passages using the glossary in the back. What I find is that it's rich with meaning each and every time. I always find something that pertains to me and my situation. But you're so right that it's not just reading but doing. This has been hard lesson for me to learn since I've always been a good student. I figure if I read and study enough, I should just get it. Buy the truth is, the practicum is where it's at. Thanks for a thought-provoking entry.

  4. I have loads of self help books as well, i think i go in stages with reading, ill read computer mags, then on to physics and chemistry, then on to fiction usually a couple per year and I always have a self help book to fill in the gaps.
    Living Sober is my favourite of the AA books, I find the big book just a little old fashioned

  5. We get comfort through surrender. Such a gift.

  6. Thank you, Syd. I still don't have a sponsor yet but they did say there is a list of phone numbers in the other group. Turns out our group goes up to Step 3 during a 6-program. Then they give you a little push into the regular Alanon group that meets in the next room over. I know when they say its my time to move to the next group, I will be my usual scared self. lol


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