Monday, April 14, 2008

Taxing time

I had a great weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday on Compass Rose. Saturday's sail was not easy because of strong winds. I couldn't get where I wanted to go so had to anchor behind the bird rookery for a few hours. Then a miraculous shift in the wind occurred, enabling me to sail to my destination.

There were campers on the island and I met a few of them. Nice people who seemed to care that the island be maintained in its current state. I hope that it will be because it's one of the last undeveloped large islands near the city. In a time where every conceivable piece of property seems to be the target of developers, it's nice to have a place that is still wild but within proximity to the city.

I sailed back on Sunday after a good breakfast and a walk on the beach. I wish that I could have stayed longer but taxes were calling. They're done and ready to be mailed today. My wife and I owe around $7 K for Federal. It seems that if you make money, you owe money. Such is life. I'm just glad that I'm able to pay them.

Tonight's my home group meeting. I'm looking forward to that. This afternoon, I'm going to take annual leave and work on staining book cases for the library. We're almost done with the library and I should be able to post photos soon.

Anyway, have a great Monday. Take it easy and enjoy what the day offers. I'll catch up with you later.


  1. i have to echo your sentiments about unspoilt pieces of land. it seems money wins over nature most of the time. it's sad. i hope your little piece remains untouched.

    a couple of people have mentioned taxes, so i gather it's tax year-end over the ocean... thank goodness i have a hubby who does that. i just don't like figures!

    and enjoy your afternoon in the library!

  2. sailing and the means to pay taxes owed. sounds close to perfection my friend. good for you! take care.

  3. Sounds nice, Syd. Do you feel any closer to your HP when you are on the water? My husband, who is quite the skeptic and not very spiritual at all, says the closest thing he can relate to feeling any type of HP (and he's not sure he believes at all) is hiking in the woods. That I can relate to. We have hiked together and I have to agree. Any type of beautiful nature makes me think that someone must have created this....the bodies of water, the cliffs, mountains, birds, etc. And it's also like taking a So relaxing.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments and support! I love reading your blogs.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful peaceful weekend. I have a few weekend vacations in the works that I know I will enjoy very much.

  5. wow thats alot to owe for taxes. And awul to come back to after a nice weekend on the water.
    It does seem the more $ we make the more we have to ask them to take out of our checks so we don't owe so much in April

  6. I love to read about your sailing adventures.

    And taxes, bleh.

  7. I was watching some tigers in africa on TV on sunday night, they were in some protected park somewhere and it was so great to think that there are places on this planet same as they have always been, untouched by modern civilisations damaging hand.
    Yes syd my bowling is "Crown Green Bowling", not ten pin bowling, I dunno if they have it over in america, it might be just unique to britain.
    You bowl a jack then u and your opponent take turns at getting as close as possible to it

  8. Sailing is peaceful, but I haven't been on a boat in almost 30 years other than the water taxi around the southern tip of Manhattan. I am sure your recent experience was different.


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