Saturday, April 12, 2008

Small craft warnings

I'm going to go sailing today but will have to watch the weather as there are small craft warnings out on the harbor. It can get a bit dicey, and I may have to just use the jib. Too much sail area can sometimes cause a shroud to pop. I may sail up one of the rivers and see if there is more protection there. I'll likely decide when I get on the water.

But I'm just glad to have it be Saturday. It has been a fairly good week but a tiring one. I think that the late night meetings and the hour long drive to the country afterwards cause me to be sleep deprived.

I often wish that there were more Al-Anon meetings in the area. But then I know that there are places that don't have any and people have a long drive. I am grateful to have at least a choice of one to go to every day of the week if I want to do so.

Because it's Saturday, I got to sleep in until 7:00 which is a rare event for me. I hope that all of you enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing. And maybe just take some time to loaf a bit. And observe the birds, the sky and maybe the last little bit of cool weather.

I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass.
--Walt Whitman


  1. I hope you have a great sail. Your post reminds me of my childhood days when we would go sailing on Lake Mead in my dad's Columbia 7.6

  2. I too slept in for a change! 8am--not a record but close.

    You are blessed to have a meeting each day to attend and not so long driving time. Glad you are aware some of us don't have those options.

    Bless-ed Saturday Syd

  3. Loafing is good for the soul! Have a good weekend and be safe!

  4. sounds delightful :) yup - me too - slept late. look forward to seeing how the boat outing went. see u

  5. Great blog. I wish you luck in your journey. You are a very strong person...never forget that.

  6. loafing around i did today, thank you! i hope you did too...

  7. Hope you had a smooth sailing. I totally don't understand some of the sailing verbiage, however I did giggle at the word "jib" which reminded me of Wedding Crashers which is one of my fav movs. :)

    How peaceful nonetheless to be sailing and close to the power & life of this Earth.

    Have a gr8 Sunday!

  8. I wish there were meetings in my area as well. In order for me to attend a meeting, I have to drive to other neighborhoods. Maybe one day when I actually have the time, I can start one here. We have AA & NA meetings but no Al-Anon meetings. Have a great week.

  9. Listening to you this past month with all these hobbies, i thought I too need something to have as a hobby, just to use as a social outlet to meet people other than AA then my old friend called to sign me up with a bowling team.
    Now i need to practise, I have also set up a Access Database to keep track of the scores, I think Im gonna enjoy it.
    Thanks for helping me Syd


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