Friday, May 23, 2008

Some thoughts on this Friday

Here are some more thoughts from reading The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Here are some quotes that I particularly liked.

I am less interested in people’s articulated spiritual beliefs or political philosophies and more interested in whether or not they are true to themselves even when it costs them something, whether or not they can be kind when it is easier to be indifferent, whether or not they can remember that to be human is to be flawed and spectacular and deeply compassionate. (p. 15)

I think to just be yourself when everyone is looking is an accomplishment. And being compassionate is something that I find to be a good trait.

I do not seek perfection. I simply seek to remember who and what I am everyday. I seek the people and places and practices that support the expanding of this awareness in my day, in my life, in my choices. Our lives are the story of how we remember. (p. 29)

Always progress and not perfection in my life. And to be reminded of who and what I am keeps me humble and makes me realize that we are all flawed.

There is a difference between being the determiner in your life and being the controller. We often confuse the two. The desire to control is a normal human response to fear. The ability to determine is the ability to remember who and what you are…(p. 80)

I know that I don't want to be the controller, yet I lapse into the fear that controls me at times. Not letting my ego control me is a struggle.

To live deeper we have to go to the places that help us find a slower rhythm. But simply going to these places is not enough. We have to let these places touch us, change us, speak to us. (p. 117)

I'm go to those places as often as I can. I seek them out. And they provide me with comfort and help still my anxieties.

There is a difference between happiness–offering who you are to the world and knowing it is enough–and pleasure and ease. (p. 140)

I am still working on this. I think that being surrounded by so much that promotes ease and pleasure makes me forget that it's just enough to be happy. There are only few things that I really need as opposed to those things that I may want.

Hope that you have a great weekend. It's a holiday weekend here so I'm going to make the most of that.


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  2. Hi, Syd. This really hit me:

    "Always progress and not perfection in my life."

    I need to remember this when working on step 4 because I am afraid to do it incorrectly. I am afraid to do it at all. But a few small things came to me that I could mark down in the workbook. I will pray for help in working this step.

    I might steal your quote. Enjoy the holiday weekend. The weather is beautiful on the east coast today. ;o)

  3. 'slower rhythm' appealed to me. somehow i'm naturally on fast forward yet purposefully doing things slowly is so.... restful. and peace inspires peace, just as chaos seems to inspire more chaos. enjoy your memorial day weekend!

  4. These are really wonderful quotes and follow up observations by you. I especially like the ones about being the determiner but not the controller.

    I hope you are having a glorious weekend and that you are enjoying the Compass Rose.

  5. This is really good. May have to pick up the book...and add it to the stack, LOL. Have a great weekend on the boat...I did my kayaking last weekend and sadly I will be enjoying the beautiful days from a window as I catch up on my chores.

  6. I really love her writings. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. coming by to wish you a peaceful Memorial Day, and I enjoyed those quotes!

  8. Some good stuff here, Syd. The other day the topic was "When did you know you'd had a Spiritual Awakening?" and I loved this answer from from a man with many years of sobriety. He said, "It was when I finally realized that everything was like it was supposed to be and that was just fine with me."

  9. hiya! sounds like a good book.. i've had to put myself on "book restriction" or I'd pick it up. Maybe I'll start a wish list and add this to it.

    i think i still *expect* perfection in myself and it ALWAYS (not sometimes) gets me in trouble. progress is ENOUGH

    hope you had a nice holiday. come check on the nice walk on my blog today :)

  10. The Oriah Mountain Dreamer always brings me to a place in my head and in my heart where I can be still and listen to myself... I love that!


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