Tuesday, May 6, 2008

taking time

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.--Raymond Inmon

I will only be walking in an airport today. It's not my favorite place to walk by any means. Trying to get from one place to another in Atlanta is really like putting my head somewhere else. I just try to get through to my gate and hope that I make it in time. Or that the plane is on time.

And it's hard to get much serenity at a work meeting. Most of the time there is about an hour for lunch. But because most hotels are wireless where I meet, I'm able to get on line and read the thoughts for the day on the Hazelden web site. I also take an Al-Anon book on the plane and do some reading before I get to the meeting. There isn't any opportunity to go out for a walk but I can still revitalize my thinking and refresh my mind.

It's just a simple thing for me to do when I'm out of town.


  1. Good morning, Syd - - - Good to see you 'on the road again.' I remember, just a little over a year ago - a frantic phone call from a special friend, and being grateful that I was the person on the other end of the line to be honored with the gift of listening and loving the person back to a bit of peace to enable the traveler to continue the trip home! Hmmmm. Funny how some things trigger memories. Love ya. Anonymous #1

  2. grabbing a quiet spot for 20 minutes of meditation and prayer can help too...enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Isn't there something you could come down here and study in the Gulf? We would all love to meet you.

  4. i love to walk - i think it is a very spiritual activity - especially outdoors :) enjoy your trip

  5. Sounds smart and I like that quote....so true!

    I'm beginning to think I need to beat myself over the head with a hammer to truly find serenity!

  6. sit back, relax, close your eyes, and take a mental walk around your favourite neighbourhood, imagining all the tress, houses, flowers, smells, everything you remember seeing on previous walks. as second-best option, this always works for me.

  7. Walking, oh yes I have been walking, 26 miles through the most georgeous countryside in Yorkshire, in aid of charity.
    I am just getting over the aching limbs now 2 days later and am starting to feel good, I usually go for a walk every sunday with my son and his little brother but this walk we did on Sunday was right on the edge of my endurance, still some people actually run it in 4 hours, we did it in 11 hours.
    Good to be back in blogdom again

  8. I need to hear some angel whispering.


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