Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I saw my cousin today. He is doing remarkably better and can now speak nearly a recognizable sentence. He has glioblastoma multiforme Stage IV which is about the worst diagnosis of a brain tumor that one can get. It was a good visit, and I was reminded once again of the fact that the cure for some of these diseases is often as bad as the disease itself. In his case, radiation nearly did him in.

After arriving in DC, I went to an incredible restaurant for dinner. It was the Marrakesh which is a Morrocan restaurant. It was recommended by a friend who said that it was quite the dining experience. There were 7 courses and a belly dancer came out around 9 PM. The meal took about 2.5 hours. I would highly recommend it if you are ever in DC and want to experience something unique in the way of food and atmosphere.

I'm off to my meeting early tomorrow. Hope to catch up with everyone sometime then. Maybe I'll try Ethiopian food tomorrow night. Leaving you with lots of gratitude for this day.


  1. Sounds fun...I like trying new places. My daughter just returned from Dubai and bought herself a belly dancer outfit. She had a ball and now loves Lebanese food, this from a girl whose diet consists of pasta with butter and chocolate.

    My dad had a horrible joke about what you have to do in an Ethiopian restaurant. I'll leave it to your imagination but involved writhing on the floor and begging. Not nice...

  2. I went to a place like that recently in Toronto called the Sultan's Tent.Dining was indoors but under a huge tent.Lots of fun.

    Working at a hospital I see people like your cousin in treatment.I have wondered if I would be strong enough for the "cure".

  3. Wow. poor thing. He must be a brave soul.
    Good for you taking time to be there for him.

  4. Thanks, Syd. I haven't been to DC and would love to try that restaurant. Belly dancers are great to watch. What a great outfit! Beautiful.

    Two of my cousins came to visit me during my chemo. They were warned ahead of time that I might not be able to talk much, may look rough and just be lying on the recliner. They didn't mind a bit. It was wonderul to see them and I would imagine they were afraid it would be the last time they saw me. Thankfully, that was not the case.

    It meant alot to me and I'm sure to your cousin as well. So nice of you to visit him!

  5. oooh, that place looks and sounds wonderful. moroccan food too, lovely!!!

  6. Oh lord, I need to be grateful for my good health more often..ya know?
    I could not sit for 2.5 hours in a resteraunt if my life depended on it. (PS: shhhhh...I can belly dance)

  7. My sister in law fought that for 6 years and I can relate to the treatment method being somewhat more difficult than the disease. I am glad you made time to get out and do something fun - dinner sounded like fun!


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