Thursday, June 19, 2008

More good food

After a long day of discussing proposals at NSF, I finally escaped the recycled air of the building and got out inside into a delightfully cool day. I like the sights and sounds of this city. It has a lot of interesting places to visit and some really great restaurants.

I took the Metro to U street which is the heart of the Ethiopian concentration in the city. I didn't realize that DC has the largest population of Ethiopians in the US. Anyway, I headed for Dukem which was recommended as an authentic Ethiopian restaurant. The food was wonderful. The Injera, the sourdough pancake-like bread of Ethiopia, was brought along with an assortment of finely ground meat, lamb cubes, tomato, and another cubed meat that I assumed was beef. The Injera was covered with the various meats and stew. No silverware is used so you just tear off a piece of the spongy bread and use it to "roll" the food. Then you pop this morsel in your mouth. It was spicy and delicious.

Unfortunately, Dukem didn't have the atmosphere of an authentic Ethiopian dining experience. I had hoped to find a place like Marrakesh where you actually dined like the people of the country do. There were no low tables with little stools to sit around, instead just regular tables with chairs. Maybe next time I'll wander along U Street and look for an authentic place or ask someone who lives there. Regardless, I enjoyed the food and being outside in a lively city.

I'm back to more meetings tomorrow. So far no time to check up on everyone. Have a good day.


  1. Hi Syd,
    I think i am coming back on track now, what a silly place to put myself in, you sound so relaxed and happy thats where I like to be.
    Its all in the mind isnt it

  2. Sounds good. I may be visiting colleges with my son in DC this summer and will put both those restaurants on my list.

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time. I've never eaten any Ethiopian food but have an Indian friend and she always serves food without eating utensils...using small bread type things as scoops.(I think they are called Chapatas or something like that).

  4. Hey, good for you, Syd, being willing to try all those different foods. I hope I would be so brave. So nice to take advantage of the diversity that the city has to offer.

  5. I have never had Ethiopian food, I don't do well with spicy, it sounds spicy :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday ~~~~

  6. mmmm, i'm all for trying out various and different cuisines... enjoy

  7. I sorted my probs with the ex over the weekend I said sorry and she said she was sorry too, I prayed for her before I went and its all blown over.
    Chairing the AA meeting tonight


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