Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Building Bridges using the Twelve Steps

I read an article from the Forum magazine that was called "Building Bridges with Each of the Twelve Steps". The original article is by Barbara W. I have taken the idea and expressed what these bridges mean to me.

Step One is a bridge to surrender. I came into Al-Anon alone and feeling lost. I left that meeting knowing that there were others who shared my experience and were willing to extend a hand.

Step Two is a bridge to hope. I see that my life doesn't have to be miserable unless I choose to let it be that way. I see that others have what I want.

Step Three is a bridge to trust. I begin to develop a relationship with a power greater than myself and believe that my Higher Power will be beside me even in dark hours.

Step Four is a bridge to my character. I no longer have to judge myself or others but realize that my actions, reactions, and behavior have been part of my dis-ease.

Step Five is a bridge that allows me to let others in. I had the courage to tell God and another person about myself and felt accepted and loved for doing so.

Step Six is a bridge to readiness. I realize that those traits that have helped me survive alcoholism are not needed to protect me anymore. I can give them up and still live.

Step Seven is a bridge to humility. I am willing to have God remove my shortcomings. I no longer have to have my old ways but can see that God's way is better.

Step Eight is a bridge to willingness. I acknowledge that I have harmed others because of the disease of alcoholism. I am willing to forgive myself and others.

Step Nine is a bridge to responsibility. I take responsibility for my actions and understand that changes in behavior are needed.

Step Ten is a bridge to accountability. I can let go of the past and enjoy this day. I am no longer trying to lean into tomorrow or fall back into yesterday. I stand firmly in this day with head and heart in alignment.

Step Eleven is a bridge to God. I feel the nearness of my Higher Power and look to Him for guidance.

Step Twelve is a bridge to the world around me. I reach out to others and offer them what so freely has been given to me.

These are the bridges that I use to connect me to a new way of life.


  1. Good morning, Syd!
    What a wonderful way to begin a day - reading such a personal and touching outline of each step! This was a perfect addition to my early meditation and prayer hour. Thank you.
    Anonymous #1

  2. I loved it. I'm printing it out to share with my Al-A group.

  3. i thought you said step 3 had something to do with frogs! tehee

  4. Oh Syd this is wonderful - I am printing it as well - Thank you!

  5. This was an outstanding post, Syd. I especially love the spelling of the word dis-ease. The first time I heard that it made perfect sense to me...
    a disease that encompases all the many dis-eases in my life.

  6. Thats interesting. I wasn't sure what these 12 steps were.

    The Boozeness


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