Friday, July 25, 2008

Job reflections

It's Friday, and I'm ready to leave on my boat after work. I've been working here for a long time and the feel of the place has changed over the past five years. There have been funding cuts due to the tightening of grant funds, staff have left for other positions or retired, and the general atmosphere has become much more subdued. Maybe it's a reflection of the times that we are in.

At the manager's meeting today, I learned that another colleague is going to be leaving and going with private industry. We've lost over 8 Ph.D. positions in the past 2 years with the likelihood that they won't be immediately replaced. I have about 18 months to go before I retire from this position. That's a strange feeling. I've worked here all my professional life, except for a brief stint with EPA.

I have thought a little about what I might want to do after retiring but have decided not to make any plans. It's too far in the future anyway. I just keep my mind on what I immediately have to get done for the rest of today.

And then I can walk out the door and go sailing after work. I'm heading out to the island to stay on the boat for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to reading, relaxing, and sleeping. Have a great weekend.


  1. OOH sailing after work sound stupendous... WOW retirement Good for you. I got another 19 years maybe more maybe less we will see

  2. Have a great time on the boat. I'm guessing I have about 20 years before I retire. Although, I'm thinking I don't ever want to really retire. I met a retired botanist last year who does listed species surveys for CPL. He does it part time so he can still walk around in the forest. That sounds good to me. I don't think I could walk completely away from biology, it's become a valued and exciting part of my life. I'm sure you understand.

  3. It sounds like you are in an exciting time of your close to retirement and with an open mind. I'm sure the gates will open for you when the time comes.

  4. I suspect you'll know just what to do when the time comes.
    Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

  5. Hey Syd, glad to visit your blog--AND, well, it sounds to me like you retire every weekend! That boat, ohhhhh, i can feel the rock-a-bye cradling/rocking of the boat at anchor, how close to perfect peace is that? (I used to live on a houseboat--well, a shanty, really, but I looooved it!)

    18 months is not that far off (when ya get MY age -grin-) but I never had to plan for it. For years I wished I could attend more AA meetings, more sponsoring, etc. AND it HAPPENED finally! LOVE that, also!
    Steve E.

  6. Hi Syd I'm relatively new to the blogging world and found your blog tonight. An hour and a half later and I'd only gotten through the first 2 months of it! Needless to say I identify with alot of what you so eloquently write about. I'm kind of in early retirement (temporarily) at the moment which has caused me to finally stop and take stock. I think I might just get to my very first Al-Anon meeting tomorrow. You are an inspiration.

  7. hmm, more sailing when you retire??? nah, i know it's not quite that simple... enjoy your weekend.

  8. I have a feeling you will be busier in retirement than you are now.
    Enjoy the water.

  9. Blimey I didnt think you was so close to retirement, I guess its your photo that fooled me.
    I got about 25 years but we have been told by our goverment that the retirement age will be 67 when we get there.
    Feel wonderful, loved the holiday, AA tonight, Lukes living with me, lifes fantastic, I better get back to work

  10. I hope it was wonderful and restful for you!


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