Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday thoughts

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death. She was 95 when she died. She had lived a long life, but just as it does for all of us, our bodies eventually wear out. We get tired.

I shared at the meeting on Thursday in my story that one of the things that clearly showed me that there was a Power greater than myself was how I came to know about my mother's death. You see I actually knew about it before she died. And she knew about it also.

On the morning of her death, someone had come over to the house to visit us. It was a Sunday and I always went to visit my mother around noon on Sunday. About 11 AM, as I was talking to the lady who was visiting, I had a great feeling of urgency that I needed to be at the nursing home with my mother. I told my wife and the lady that I had to leave. I drove to the nursing home and when I turned the corner on my mother's hall, I saw the staff standing around and the head nurse standing there looking distressed. She told me that my mother had collapsed and the EMT's were working on her, trying to get her breathing. I watched as they carried her out and rode with them in the ambulance. But I knew that this was the end of her time here.

She had premonitions about her death as well. A few days before she died, she told me that she had a wonderful time going dancing with my father. He had come to pick her up the previous evening. My father had been dead for over 15 years.

I've read Hospice accounts of how the dying have premonitions and begin "traveling" before they are physically dead. My premonition of both my father and mother's deaths were an epiphany of sorts for me. I knew then that there was a Power greater than me who was leading me to be with them before they died, allowing us to connect in some manner before they moved on.

I'm thinking of my mother today and know that she and my dad are now dancing together.


  1. This truly brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing it. I love to think of your mom and dad dancing... how lovely.

  2. This gives me the chills. Maybe one day I will write about my grandmother's impending death.

  3. Thank you for sharing.

    I found out my grandfather's death by phone call at 3am. I had been woken up about 2 minutes earlier by a mosquito dive bombing into my ear.

  4. Wonderful post. I'm glad that your mom seemed to live a long a fulfilling life and that you were such a part of it. I have had the same type of premonitions before. I wish I could tap into them more often.

  5. Yes, these premonitions are well known. I think they happen often, mostly we are too busy to "listen."

    Imagine your mom seeing the compassionate & curious man you are.

  6. lovely memories, and thoughts :)

  7. {{{Hugs}}} Thank you for sharing. :0)

  8. I went out to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends from work (we are all telecommuters but try to go out to dinner once in awhile). One of the girls was taking care of her father and he had started talking about seeing people in his room that weren't there.

    I told her that I felt that he probably WAS seeing people and that they were most likely angels and/or people from his past. He died shortly after.


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