Monday, July 14, 2008

Too tired

I'm tired today. After spending two days on the boat, I find that I'm generally beat by Monday. And it seems that I always find something to keep me up late on Sunday evening so then I have to take the consequences the next morning.

It was a nice weekend on the boat overall. The weather was good, and there was actually a cool breeze Saturday evening. It was a bit crazy on Sunday because there were about 75 boats beached or anchored. These young girls were doing what I think is the equivalent of "pole" dancing on various boats. They look to be 20 somethings who have had way too much to drink and are doing their best to be provocative. Unfortunately, their dancing is pretty bad, and there isn't much seductive about them. I wonder what their goal is--maybe just to be seen and appear cool. It makes me wonder what their parents would think if they were there.

I went for a long walk on the beach and found about ten large shark's teeth. It's a great way to meditate--just strolling along and occasionally glancing down to find a piece of treasure.

I had to get up and get going this morning, even though I decided to sleep an extra half an hour. Tonight is my home group meeting. And tomorrow I start a six day ocean sailing course. I'm wondering when I'll get some rest.

Staying in the day but sleep walking through it.


  1. full on enjoyment!! sounds like lifes good :) enjoy... I spent much of the weekend sleeping and wondered why... I forgot I had been at work all week and out everynight doing one thing or another...

    I think we get busy, and enjoy stuff and forget we seem to have more energy than most now we are not driven by the stuff we used to be.

    I like reasding about your boat stuff, its calming :)

  2. An ocean sailing course? Sounds nice. The water is so relaxing, isn't it?

  3. Well the theory is that you are supposed to get some rest on the weekend. Too late, you've already blown that ;)

  4. Too bad you don't have some photos of those stupid twenty-somethings, doing their stupid, unprovocative, pole dancing on those stupid boats!
    Trying to look cool! (Someone had to say it...)

    Steve E.

    What is pole dancing? -grin-

  5. I am soo sleep walking with you!!! LOL sounds like a marvelous weekend, and I wanna walk on the beach and find shark teeth! (ps weird thing about me, I am scared of sharks but yet facinated by them)

  6. You're a good man Syd. Anyone who sees young girls pole dancing and wonders what their parents would think is my kind of guy. XXXOOO, MC

  7. sounds like a good weekend. re. the girls... i don't think parents want to see what some of their girls are doing, it would horrify them... hope your monday turned out okay!

  8. You think you are tired now? Wait until next Sunday. Have a great time.


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