Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Comment moderation

I did something that grates me some. I went to comment moderation. I caved in due to the number of repetitive, boring, and useless comments that I was getting from a particular blogger. I've had no wish to rankle anyone. I have minded my business and basically kept deleting and deleting the comments that were left by a troll.

Comment moderation is like a boundary. And I decided that mine was being breached. So today I came to realize that my time was much better spent not having to delete posted comments. I would rather be spending that time writing something in my journal or reading a good book. Or doing a million other things that bring some satisfaction.

So like Scott said in his blog, the troll is dead to me now. I've rubbed out an irritant.

To The Troll

This is just to say
I have enabled comment moderation
the comments are no more
that were on
the blog

and which
you were probably hoping
that I would read and maybe heed

Forgive me but
they were so poorly done
so boring
and so useless that I got rid of each and every one


  1. You'll still get my witty, wise comments.

  2. We all had to do the same thing to rid ourselves from "downunder" and I mean "down under".

  3. Hi Syd,
    I too had to do the same, I know some people must get a real thrill out of posting meaningless boring comments on peoples blogs, it seems that they only pick on people in recovery.
    Anyway you can just forget them now.
    I am feeling quite good today, I think I might have sorted Lukes School out, he obviously wants to change to one nearer to him, so I have to go see them on 1st Sept because of course they are all on Holiday.
    I have started buying my sarnies now from the canteen and had fresh salad everyday I think that might be making me feel better.
    I am just a bit worried about my dad, he has Parkinsons Disease and he has been feeling a bit depressed just lately, though he only seems to play on my mum who has had enough.
    anyway ill see you tommorow

  4. Yes, it's so much more pleasant now I think. Have a truly blessed wonderful day today darlin'.

  5. I unerstand completely - I have had a few attacks as well and am considering it too.


  6. I had the same Syd. I deleted 35 comments this morning and another 15 this afternoon.

    Poor fellow. I hope he gets help.

  7. moderation is useful. it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
    time is just too short to have to delete unwanted posts from dodgy people. i have better things to be getting on with. trolls are par for the course. i've been posting on trolled web areas for ? 10-11 yrs. its just one of those web things. part of the landscape really.

  8. We have call caller ID,we have peep holes on our front doors,
    nothing wrong with comment moderation.It's your blog :)

    I have it too and it makes me feel good to be able to welcome most
    people who comment respectfully -
    And of course throw the disprespectful people comments into big pot of boling deleted comments cooking over an opened fire.There are't many anymore-
    but a few ;)

    Not yours of course!

  9. Gosh! "Is it I, Lord?"

    A "paranoic" Steve E.
    Down Under in SW FL

    Guess, if the shoe fits....-grin-

  10. This post has inspired me to reclaim my name out here in the blogsphere Syd.I've missed my blogger buddies and sharing..
    Thanks for showing me I can stand up to a bully..!!

    Tab xo

  11. That's the same reason why I abandoned my Myspace page.

  12. The poor guy is not well. We should have compassion, although I know it is difficult.

    And I am happy to be rid of his delusional rantings.

  13. annoying but yip, that's why my comment moderation is also on... to delete those snotty, irrelevant little tantrums of a childish mind.

  14. boundaries aren't always bad. We can keep in the good too.

  15. I did it awhile back because of the scary troll. It is much more peacefull this way.

    Hugs and a happy day to you Syd~


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