Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What meditation does

Meditation is something that I don't consciously think about. It seems that it just happens when I'm in a situation where there aren't interruptions or things to divert my attention. I meditate especially well when I'm on the boat, and I wake up in the morning listening to the wind and the waves. Meditation means that I turn inward in a positive way, but at the same time I'm sensing the outward influence of my HP manifested in nature, in simplicity, in quietude.

Meditation puts a space around me that insulates me from intrusions of the world. I no longer obsess about the alcoholic, work issues, my character defects, or any other outward influences. It is my time to be focused on myself.

I like to let my mind become a blank slate and not ponder the complexities of life--that seems to be the time that I am most in the moment. I'm not thinking of anything particular, but I am soaking up what is around me through my senses. It's strange that I never could quiet my mind long enough to just "be", but over the past several months, I've been able to just sit and not have anything much flowing through me but a sense of peace. It's a good feeling.


  1. I'm able to do this on my daily run.It might sound strange that I meditate while exerting myself, but it truly works for me. It only works outside though..NOT on a treadmill!

  2. Hi Syd,
    I still find meditation hard to do, too often I have a racing mind, I guess I aint a Jedi Master yet, got lots to learn.
    I love the way you can just shrug off and not worry about things that u are powerless over, I know I am powerless but I find it hard still not to worry

  3. ahhhhh Syd...this is such a lovely lovely post today.I cannot imagine my state of mental health if I never learned to let go and just be.I call my daily meditations my daily "meds" for's true.

  4. nice post. there is a park by my house that has become my favorite place to meditate. if raining, i'll just sit in the car and look out at the water.. love the silence and stillness .. morning time is best. reminds me - maybe i'll take a pic of the park and the ducks there and post it one day. you are lucky to have the boat.

  5. Everyone says I'm a good mediator. Oh! You said "MEDITATE"--that's a different story...what's it mean, anyway?

    Seriously...isn't meditation merely "thinking in the presence of God"? To me it sometimes is like sitting on a park bench with a good friend, shoulders maybe touching, not saying a word, JUST HAPPY TO BE IN HER/HIS PRESENCE!

  6. Being Nobody, Going Nowhere. That book sums up meditation for me. Although, meditation can take many forms. More people should partake.

  7. I'm with Lou. I lose myself in my runs.

    I can meditate at other times too. It is wonderful.

    On a boat would be fabulous.

  8. My mind never stops. I need to work on that.

    The daily reads are a bit of mini-meditation for me.

    I think I need to get some meditation music or something. Maybe that would help. Waterfall sounds?

  9. I think meditation is the key to a much more peaceful self.
    I've just started practicing this in the last year.
    Too bad that more people don't plug into it.
    It really changes things.

    love your blog.

  10. This post and your previous post touched me. I can relate very strongly to those feelings.

  11. I found you while searching for "Al Anon meditation" Very thought-provoking post.

    I'l be back to read more of your blog.


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