Thursday, August 21, 2008

Double winners?

When I first heard the term "double winners", I didn't really care for it. I couldn't see who would "win" anything by being in AA and in Al-Anon. It seemed more like double losers. Nothing was won in a competition or even a lottery unless there's some sort of cosmic lotto that determines who stays sober and who doesn't.

But now I realize that those who have been in AA for a while and come to Al-Anon have been twice blessed.
An AA who has found alanon or an alanon who has found AA is fully working the programs to their benefit and the benefit of all the others they touch with their story. They are winners in this life. They have my respect for their strength and courage to change.

One of the meetings that I go to has many "double winners". I benefit from hearing what they have to say.
With their knowledge of both sides of the disease, they provide a powerful perspective because of their life experiences. I also like the idea of having Al-Anon talk in meetings with the focus being on the family disease of alcoholism.

Sometimes conflicts of interest do arise. A friend in the group who has been the GR has decided that he is also an alcoholic so there will be a group conscience meeting next week to discuss his replacement. A decision of the World Service Organization was that
Al-Anon members who are also members of A.A. may hold office within their own Al-Anon or Alateen group, but may not serve as Al-Anon group representatives or hold Al-Anon office beyond the group level.

I'm glad that he made a decision to step aside as GR. He has been active and engaged with Al-Anon within the district but had the honesty and courage to set aside his personal agenda for the greater good.


  1. how nice that switch from losers to winners isn't it!

  2. I dont know much about Al Anon so I guess I cant comment, Ive never been to an Alanon meeting but I bet its good to see things from the other side of the fence.
    Hey how dod you upgrade from the old template to new layout, ive tried and i just cant do it

  3. I have not learned the rules of Al-Anon. Maybe you can post about what is a GR & what are the layers of leadership in Al-A sometime.

  4. I have so far benefited more from attending open AA meetings than Al-anon meetings. That may change some day though. Who knows what will happen when my 5 and 8 year old get to that age of experimentation.

  5. In our area it is announced in Al-Anon meetings that we don't talk about our "other issues" such as drinking, or using or gambling so that we don't confuse the newcomer. I like that. I get to just be an Al-Anon. It was just implied in the area I was at before here. Also, we have a meeting here that switches weekly, from Al-Anon to AA. My sponsor really likes that meeting.

  6. Al-Anon saved my life and my sanity. AA saved me from living in the disease and chaos, and taught me that I am my problem, NOT everyone else. Even if my husband did not stay sober, I have a choice and I can. Nothing is impossible with God and the twelve steps. God bless you, Sally


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