Monday, September 8, 2008

Attitudes like our dogs

It turned out to be a nice weekend here. After Friday's threat of a tropical storm, there was only some rain and gusty winds. After that, the sun came out, the winds dropped, and the temperatures rose. It was hot, like the dog days of August are still hanging on.

Instead of being on the boat, I took the dogs to dog park on Saturday evening, for a walk on the beach on Sunday morning, watched a couple of movies on DVD, and went to a birthday party on Sunday evening. It was all good.

It's interesting to meet people on the beach and at dog park who I know through their dogs. I may not know the person's name but I know the dogs. Everyone stops to talk and admire each others dogs. And the dogs seem to recognize their friends. There's a lot of tail wagging and comraderie.

It's not hard to wish that everyone had their dog's attitude: No hidden agendas; no offense taken if another dog invades your space to sniff a butt; great enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life, like a mud puddle or the breeze on your face; no loneliness because there's always something interesting to do; and no thoughts of tomorrow, just the moment and the pure pleasure of living in it.

I think that living the life of a much loved dog is a pretty good life. It's definitely something to admire--wag a tail,get stroked, get a treat, greet friends, and take a nap. I can identify with those things.

And I don't think it's an accident that DOG spelled backwards is GOD.


  1. I know what u mean about dogs, they live truly in the now, no cares, no worries.
    Yes the temps starting to fall here, forecast loads of rain but it hasnt been that bad a weekend.
    I know loads of people round my way through there dogs

  2. My dog Theo has an excellent life. He loves everyone he meets. I wouldn't mind a dogs life, except for the butt sniffing part...hmmm well maybe.

  3. i so agree with you about dogs. loyal, playful, even the same thing every day gets greeted with the same enthusiasm and excitement... hubby always says in his next life he wants to come back as my dog, heee heee heeee. i just wish we had dog parks in this country. all the parks either have 'no dogs allowed' signs or they must be leashed. and sometimes a dog just needs to run free. but you know that, being a dog person yourself. ah well, that's what school sports fields on weekends are for i suppose?!?!

  4. love this post! you know i love me some dogs. are those all yours?!!! i have four and thought that was a LOT. hehe

    they can show us how to live in the present moment too. that's all they know. we can learn so much from them. especially forgiveness, love, loyalty, friendship

    one of my dogs joins me in meditation now. it's pretty cool really. :)

    i heard Tolle say he felt that dogs were "guardians of Being". i think i told you that one already - can't remember.

    anyhoo - love all dog posts - hope you will write more about them :)

  5. Good morning, Syd!
    I had to chuckle when I read your post! Brought back a memory of my Grandmother explaining to me at age 13 of how best to treat a man in order to keep him happy: She said, "Why, honey, treat him like a dog, of course." She went on to ask me how I treated my beloved pet dog, and I described to her much of how you outlined the treatment of the dogs in your blog (sans butt checks, of course), but with the addition of much praise when things went well in order to receive the affection I so craved from a spouse (as the dog gives so unconditionally) - - - you get the picture! It was great advice. My marriage lasted 43 years - to a wonderful alcoholic even.
    Love, Anonymous #1

  6. We have 6 dogs, 2 cats and 40 chickens..I couldn't agree with you more. Just took our oldest dog, Puddles, to vet due to some hip problems. I asked the doc why she is barking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. He said dogs get senile just like people. At 13 years old, I figure is she wants to bark at imaginary intruders--so be it! I'll be senile and barking one day too :-)

  7. Isn't THIS interesting? Syd, you wrote:

    "I don't think it's an accident that DOG spelled backwards is GOD."

    And the second post down, PAM, wrote "My dog Theo....." (for you 'Latin' folks who didn't study 'Greek' -grin-) THEO means "God!" It tickled ME, anyways?

    And Syd, thank YOU for all your support, prayers, notes, etc. REALLY!

  8. Unconditional seems to be so easy for dogs and so hard for us humans! We could learn some good lessons from them.

  9. I agree, dogs really do live in the now. If only humans could be a little more like them.

  10. I see the greyhounds you told me about(looks like you have 2).
    I want to be a cat. They have it real good.

  11. Great, great post, Syd. Made me smile after a long day. Love the picture that you? Which little buddies are yours?

  12. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a happy dog.

  13. If someone tries to sniff my butt, they will end up in that damn mud puddle! ;o)


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