Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricanes and office closings

You probably thought that evacuation meant to leave the premises during crisis (or maybe you thought that it meant getting rid of yesterday's lunch). But here are newly declared Office Procedures Concerning Storm and Office Closings:

As we watch the progress of the storm, the following are guidelines based upon the hurricane's intensity:

Hurricane Category #1
No excuse for being late. Leave earlier to give extra time to avoid fallen trees and limbs.

Hurricane Category #2
Due to the horizontal rain, you may wear jeans.

Hurricane Category #3
Whereas most of the area will be flooded we suggest you avoid wearing open toe sandals when coming to work. Canoes will be provided to get to the building safely without getting wet.

Hurricane Category #4
More than likely there will be no electricity. Given that, we will have manual typewriters available to all staff members. Please take extra caution and wear water-proof make-up if Category 4 or above.

Hurricane Category #5
Velcro will be provided to keep you attached to your chairs when the windows blow out. For those that survive, we will have chocolate cake at 3:00 pm in the kitchen.

Who says that government employees aren't giving their all?

I'm thankful that Hannah was just a gusty wind with some needed rain. I am hoping that Ike becomes a fish slapper and nothing more. I'm off to do some different Saturday things since Compass Rose is high and dry. Hope that you have a good Saturday with lots of sunshine.


  1. Hysterical posting...are you sure it isn't an official gov't doc?

  2. aaah, that's delightful. i'm happy to hear you're all safe and sound. now off to a fabulous weekend i'm sure...

  3. I could totally see this as a gov't document. Have a great week end.

  4. Love it! Velcro has so many wonderful uses and chocolate cake is always a reason to celebrate!

    So glad to know that Hanna wasn't all they said she'd be.


  5. We are having lower than normal humidity, that is a relief. Otherwise my favorite weather is stormy.

  6. Isn't that funny? We keep our boats dry, while out butts get wet! Looks now like Ike will pass us by, with a tease and a blow-dry.

  7. Funny! We were supposed to get driving rain this afternoon but so far nothing and it's 2pm. It did pour pretty hard last night for awhile though.

    My friend is a CT state employee and makes fun of herself all the time. Tells me she is overpaid, etc. lol

  8. Enjoyed your hurricane categories. It looks not like old Ike will bypass us completely.

    I feel so sad for this people in the Gulf shorline areas of LA, AL, and MS. Looks like there is an "eye" on one of them.

    (Did I post an earlier comment on this topic? Sorry. If so, ya could just reject this one?

  9. Do manual typewriters have spellcheck yet?

  10. I think the it is mandatory for the weather men on TV to have at least 2 years of theater arts in school. They Love the DRAMA.

  11. Great list. Unfortunately, here the evac orders are 180 degrees the opposite of that. Too bad the powers that be can't find a happy in between.


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