Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Beach

We got back from our long weekend this afternoon. Our time together with the dogs was a lot of fun. They definitely enjoyed the beach. We went for long walks and then would come back and jump in the 100 F spa that was right outside our room. The air temperature was perfect so it felt good to get heated up in the spa water and then get out in the cool air.

I had every intention of using the lap top that I brought, but it seems that every evening we were doing something, including checking the news for the latest financial crisis. We finally decided that we had enough of it and that our saturation point had been reached.

We did go to a really good AA meeting. We got directions off the internet and found our way to the club house which was nice. We were greeted kindly and got to hear some old-fashioned AA by a speaker who was celebrating 47 years of sobriety. I don't think that there were many dry eyes when he mentioned his wife who is suffering from Altzheimer's and to whom he has been married for 59 years. He said that he had to get home to his beautiful bride who was waiting for him at home. He credited her with a belief in him and said that she had been in Al-Anon for years and his children had been in Al-Ateen.

There were a lot of old timers there. Another fellow was also celebrating 40 years of sobriety. Lots of old-time AA and strong singleness of purpose. We were both glad that we attended. My wife said that it was the best meeting she had gone to in a long time.

I'm sampling for invasive species for the rest of the week so my schedule is going to be erratic. I hope to have time to check in but I'm not even sure whether I'll have wireless where I'm going.
At least the work on the water will be pleasant with the cooler temperatures. Have a good week.


  1. Sounds like some really wonderful AA.

    By the way, no matter what anyone may say, I am NOT an invasive species.

  2. you sound fantastic after your mini-break! we've got a stupid week, with wednesday being a holiday, and friday schools close for the holidays... bit upside-down. have a good week out there!!!

  3. I wish I could find of those kind of meetings. That sounds really neat.

  4. I've been to meetings like that that just seem to click. They are great. Have fun on the water this week. I'll be stuck behind my desk getting a report finished. Gotta love the field work when we can get it.

  5. Your trip sounds fantastic. What a neat opportunity to hear that old timer speak on his AA anniversary.

    Invasive species seem to be a big thing I hear about. We're trying not to plant any of the wrong stuff in our yard as we work on landscaping. We are just hoping to encourage our bee population to stick around and thrive.

  6. How wonderful to get away and go somewhere different! My husband and I went to an open AA meeting last Saturday night, I really enjoy accompanying him to the open meetings and hearing the stories. Have a great Monday! Cat

  7. Your mini-vacation sounded fun and it brought to mind that one of my AA colleagues just returned from a "pilgrimage" to Akron, Ohio where AA started...she went to all the Bill W. and Dr. Bob sites as well as some kind of AA archives. However, her favorite part was going to an AA meeting where there was an old timer who KNEW Bill W!

    Uh...then after all that excitement she went to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

    A journey of contrasts I thought as she told me her travel tale...Recovery folks manage to enjoy themselves wherever they go!

  8. I've had the urge to hit some different Alanon meetings lately. We'll see if I get there. Maybe.


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