Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cooling down

"The Indian Summer, the dead Summer's soul."
- Mary Clemmer, Presence

This morning is the first clear indication that fall is on the way. The temperatures are in the upper 60's and the high today will be around 80 F. That trend will continue through the weekend with a brisk NE wind.

It just has that fall feeling in the air too. The shadows are longer and the days shorter. I'm going out of town for a few days and am glad that the weather is conducive for being outside. I'm going to do a lot of walking, reading and sleeping. It's just a mini-holiday but that's fine with me.

I've printed out the schedule for meetings in the area, and there are a few where there's an Al-Anon and AA meeting in the same building at the same time.Those will be convenient for us to go to. And I'm taking my laptop with me so I'll be able to keep up with all of you.

Here's what I'm grateful for today:
  • A few days of pleasant temperatures after a week of heat and humidity
  • Heading out of town for some play time and being able to take the dogs with us
  • That I'm focusing on the things that I can change (me) and accepting that there are very few things that I have any control over or power to change
  • That my Higher Power is showing me that things don't always have to go my way, yet I can still be happy and content.
  • That there are people who are willing to help me out when I tell them that I'm in trouble.


  1. Enjoy your holiday!

    A change of scene and routine usually re-charges the batteries. I LOVE going to out-of-town meetings. They REALLY re-charge me.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of the year - have a safe albeit short holiday! Cat

  3. The weather has been nice and cool here in Houston too. It feels like fall. I love it

  4. Have a great time Syd. Glad you can take the pups.

  5. I love this time of year. Its especially beautiful here in New England. Glad you're back on track and takin a break..

  6. We had that tang in the London air today. Autumn is coming.

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Here's hoping you have a nice, restful mini-vacation. Those can be very rejuvenating.
    So glad that we're on the same page politically.

  8. Have a great weekend. I "really" miss fall here in Florida. Enjoy the crispness of the air for me.

    I'm grateful for your blog. Always makes so much sense to me.


  9. Oh, the mini get away..sounds divine. Enjoy.

  10. You are not the only one grateful for the cooler weather. It is cooler up here as well; and a lot less humid. Have a great time on the mini vacation. That sounds relaxing.

  11. enjoy your mini-break. i'll be thinking of you while you're relaxing, reading, playing with the pups.....

  12. I hope you have a great time Syd, I always value your comments, yes living in the now is something we do as a child but seems so hard after getting conditioned by society to worry about the future.
    I am quite content with life at the moment, just had my fish and chips and i feel a bit sick because I ate them like ive never eaten before

  13. tagged ya.. have a good rest of your weekend!!

  14. I like that grateful list, Syd. I ditto that.

    Sounds like a great mini vaca....have fun!

    :o) Best regards

    P.S. I love fall and I can tell it is fall because I had to start taking my allergy meds. This is my bad time of year for that.

  15. Enjoy your break. I love the fall. It's definitely a feast for the senses.


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