Sunday, September 14, 2008

How about some quack?

The carrier card for these duck stamps had an incorrect phone number on it.

You gotta love these stories. I just read that people calling a federal phone number to order duck stamps are instead greeted by a phone-sex line, due to a printing error the government says would be too expensive to correct.

It was just a simple case of transposed letters in which the correct number is 1-800-STAMP24, while the incorrect number spells out 1-800-TRAMP24. People calling that second number are welcomed by "Intimate Connections" and enticed by a husky female voice to "talk only to the girls that turn you on," for $1.99 a minute.

This year's stamps, which feature a pair of northern pintail ducks, went on sale July 1 and are good through June 30 of next year. The error will not be corrected until next year's duck stamps.

The stamps are administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service where a spokesperson said that it would cost too much money to reprint the correct information. The agency hasn't received any complaints about the typographical error. I guess not.....they are too busy listening to heavy breathing rather than quacks.


  1. Sigh..why am I not surprised?

  2. Thanks for the laugh. You just can't make this stuff up..eheh

    If it had been 1-800-CRAMP..would they have reached the makers of Midol??

    Kim A.

  3. this is just... i can only shake my head.

    what happened here not too long ago? in an aids awareness campaign, condoms were stapled to a flyer. reminds me of a bumper sticker "my dad says condoms don't work". they should have handed those out with the flyers too....

    thanks for the giggle.

  4. I dialed 1-800-CRAMP and the answering voice asked, "Is this my doctor?"

    Turns out the fellow wants to get sober, and stay sober, so now I have another pigeon. He lives 1,650 miles away from me.

    PLEASE don't publish any more phone numbers!

    Hey, did I make this all someone ELSE's fault--or not.....VBG

  5. I guess there are going to be lots of surprises for some folks.

  6. LOL - loved this story.

    Many years ago when my daughter was little her school art class encouraged the students to paint and submit entries for the Federal "Duck Stamp" contest. Her's was selected to be displayed in Washington though it didn't actually make it to becoming a stamp. It's funny how the older I get, the more most things remind me of something.
    Kind of neat.

  7. sometimes I just have to shake my head! This is one of those times!

  8. I used to work for a large American bank which will remain nameless... Let me just say that I was "under the whip."

    Their HR hotline was an 877 number; if one dialed 888 or 800... Bow chicka bow bow...Sexy sexy!

    I called the wrong number on my first day working for them. I was terrified that I would be fired for calling a porn line.

    Grateful to be uncoupled from the "team," ifyaknowwhuttumsayin'.


  9. Oh, God....only our government could possible louse something up this royally. TIME FOR A CHANGE !

  10. That sounds suspiciously like a decision the tight ar*e Australian government would make!

    You've started something there Syd, the possibilities are endless..

    1800 DAMP
    1800 LAMP
    1800 CAMP

    I could go on...

  11. This happened to my sister recently with an insurance company. She got a letter regarding her life insurance and the number they asked her to call was a phone sex line. Too funny.

    I always get confused with the free information line. I can never remember if it's 1-800-FREE411 or 1-800-411FREE. If you call the wrong one, it's a phone sex line.

    The recorded voice that my doctor's office uses to call us and remind of us appointments sounds like a breathy, phone sex operator. I can't believe they use that voice. Now I've got a couple of doctors who use her. I crack up every time I get those calls. (And I get a little tingly inside! lol Just kidding!)

  12. That sounds like a cockup that the british government would do syd, have u had a good weekend, i have been doing quadratic equations with Luke, hey have you seen the formula for cubics, i found it on the net over the weekend, no wonder no one uses it


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